Cersaie 2017. Bathroom by Diesel Open Workshop - Scavolini+Diesel.

Cersaie 2017. Bathroom by Diesel Open Workshop – Scavolini+Diesel.

Cersaie 2017 – Archipanic explored the leading international fair focusing on bathroom design as well as ceramic surfaces for interiors, outdoor and architecture.

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Raw Edges’ roll tape patterns-inspired tiles

Cersaie 2017. TAPE collection by Raw Edges for Mutina - Photo by @mutinaceramics, IG.

TAPE collection by Raw Edges for Mutina – Photo by @mutinaceramics, IG.

Mutina presents Tape, a playful collection of tiles designed by Raw Edges. “We imagined this collection to seem as if it was made up of rolls of coloured shapes that lay on the raw tiles, creating different settings thanks to the vast number of possible combinations.” Explain Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay, co-founders of the London-based studio.

Anti-slip “graph paper” stoneware

Cersaie 2017. Graph collection by Ceramica Vogue.

Graph collection by Ceramica Vogue.

Dense grids on neutral tones and bright colored lines. Ceramica Vogue‘s new glazed stoneware collection is inspired by graph paper. The micro geometric patterns feature an easy to clean anti-slip system.

Marble and metal industrial style for Scavolini+Diesel

Cersaie 2017. Diesel Open Workshop.

Diesel Open Workshop.

Scavolini and Diesel team up to launch Diesel Open Workshop, a collection of furniture now extended to the bathroom as well. Industrial style and simple geometries tune with an informal mood. Modular shelving allow to create infinite compositions thanks to metal structures and marble panels. The collection features also basins, consoles, tubs, taps and fitting.

Twisting roads and a kaleidoscopic mirrored-rooms

Cersaie 2017 - Emil Ceramica 20twenty installation - Photo by @archipanic.

Emil Ceramica 20twenty collection installation @ Cersaie 2017 – Photo by Archipanic.

Emil Ceramica presents its new collections with instagram-friendly installations like a “twisting road” made of wood-inspired slabs of the 20Twenty series and a vertical kaleidoscope-tunnel projecting black and white tiles infinitely.

Reinterpreting ancient Japanese charred wood traditions

Cersaie 2017. Kasai by Ceramiche Refin.

Kasai by Ceramiche Refin.

Ceramiche Refin presents Kasai, fire in Japanese, a new collection of ceramic tiles inspired by the Japanese ancient tradition of charring cedar wood to protect it and conserve it. “The burning of the slats also creates a particular crazing effect on the wooden surface that gives the material an exclusive style“.

Matteo Brioni’s raw and cooked earth blend traditional with contemporary

Cersaie 2017. Matteo Brioni

Photo: courtesy of Matteo Brioni.

With the TerraFrame project, Matteo Brioni worked with different types of raw soil and combined them with cooked material creating a collection meshing contemporary design with the colours, feel and traditions a specific territory. From the red soil of Apulia in Southern Italy to Germany dark earth.

Brutalist imprints for sober interiors

Cersaie 2017 - © Cotto d'Este.

©Cotto d’Este.

Cotto D’este presents the Cement Project, a system of surfaces and colours that echoes cement effects. The three-shades-of-grey collection “conceptually mirrors the great, brutalist twentieth century style of architecture, and takes on that rigor and strong expressive power, while enabling a wide variety of interpretation”.

Bringing Brooklyn urban-scape at home

Cersaie 2017. Fap Ceramiche "Brooklin" moodboard.

Fap Ceramiche “Brooklin” moodboard.

Bricks and stone but also fog, snow, and carbon. The architectural ingredients and the color palette of New York famous district inspired Fap Ceramiche‘s Brooklyn collection. The series features gres-porcelain tiles which come in saturated pastel tones and bring the metropolitan vibe indoors. 

Cersaie 2017. Emilgroup - Photo by @marystarofthesea7, IG.

Cersaie 2017. Emilgroup – Photo by @marystarofthesea7, IG.