A cafe like a small forest has been created in Tokyo. Designed by Japanese design office id inc, Cafe Ki opened in Setagaya-ku for the joy of those who fancy a coffee&pastries breakfast. “Ki” means a tree in Japanese; here a pure white space fresh like a gallery is enlivened by minimal coffee colored trees made in steel.


The trees standing inside the café work both as table legs and coat hangers. Although a large number of people can sit around the big table, the branches help also to divide the space and maintain a sense of comfortable distance.


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The Chapel by a21studio 08
The Chapel by a21studio 04
The Chapel by a21studio 03

Seiji Oguri of id inc says: “While I was taking a walk in a forest, I was thinking that it would be interesting to place a grove in a room. I want visitors to enjoy a calm feeling like they were spending a quiet time in a garden or forest even if they are actually in a city”.


When I asked the owner what kind of interior design she preferred she said she wanted a space fresh like a gallery but surrounded by plants. As real plants do not look lively in a room and you might have an insects’ issue, I thought of a scenery where several drawing-like trees stand in a pure white room that looks like a gallery”.


Thanks to this minimal urban grove of randomly disposed trees, Cafe Ki interior looks deeper and wider that what it actually is from street level.


Japanese design office id designed for Café Ki not only the interior but also, the graphics, costumes (uniform), website, original products, and etc.


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Arvo Pärt Centre by NietoSobejano Arquitectos
Arvo Pärt Centre by NietoSobejano Arquitectos
Arvo Pärt Centre by NietoSobejano Arquitectos
Arvo Pärt Centre by NietoSobejano Arquitectos


Photos by © id inc.