BurningMan2019 - Photo via IG by @lyric.shot.it
BurningMan2019 – Photo via IG by @lyric.shot.it

BurningMan2019 – We collected some of the best shots of shrines, pavilions and architectures on show at Burning Man 2019 focuses on transformation with ephemeral architectures. The iconic festival and temporary metropolis rises at the end of every summer before disappearing leaving no trace in the Nevada Desert.

Mariposita @BurningMan2019 - Photovia IG by @nextbigsky
Mariposita installation – Photo via IG by @nextbigsky

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The Man @ Burning Man 2019 - Photo via IG by @hybycozo
Photo via IG by @hybycozo

Metamosphoses, this year main theme “is a celebration of change and an exploration of uncertainty”. Among the highlights a shrine inspired by Japanese torii gates and an scintillation made suspended stones.

Burningman2019 - Photo via IG by @portugalburners
Installation – Photo via IG by @portugalburners

After sunset, mutant vehicles in the shape of mechanic octopuses and MadMax-alike cars surf the desert contributing to boost the dreamy and in-wonderland vibe of the festival transforming the desert into a carnival of neons.

GoldenGate ArtCar @ BurningMan2019 - Photo via IG by @lyric.shot.it
GoldenGate ArtCar – Photo via IG by @lyric.shot.it

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BurningMan2019 - Photo via IG by @joeridani
Inside Temple of Direction – Photo via IG by @joeridani