BayCycle Project Hudson River Photo Credit Hoboken Sailing Club

Created and founded by Judah Schiller, the BayCycle Project is  sustainable and affordable alternative for hundreds of millions of people around the world who otherwise sit in traffic on bridges and tunnels for hours each day.

Like most amazing inventions, the project is as simple as ingenious: a  bicycle has been mounted on a practical catamaran-like base that allows you to pedal gliding along massive bodies of water and even mountain-biking ocean waves by pedaling and steering just like you would do on a normal street… [Above: Photo by Hoboken Sailing Club]

The BayCycle project, currently seeking funding on indiegogo, was born in San Francisco but it has already crossed the Hudson river and reached New York City in just 15 minutes!

BayCycle Project SF Bay Crossing 3 Photo Credit Jayms Ramirez

“Here’s the challenge. Right now there is no water bike kit which can attach to any bike regardless of frame size or construction. My goal is to create a 21st century, modern, easy-to-use, compact system that works universally with any of the one billion bikes on the planet to enable riding on the water.” Comment Judah Schiller. [Above: photo by Jayms ]

General Ride Photo Credit AIKO Agency

It might be hard to imagine that one water biking will be an Olympic sport and mass form of transportation. But then again, mountain biking started in the late 1960s and has become global sport and industry today. judah Schiller aims to do the same thing with water biking… Because the ride doesn’t end at the water’s edge… [Above: photo© by AIKO Agency]

BayCycle Project SF Bay Crossing 2 Photo Credit Jayms Ramirez

Photo: Courtesy of ByCycle Project – [Above: photo by Jayms Ramirez]