Porky Hefer for Southern Guid - Photo by James Harris.

Design Miami/ Basel 2018. Porky Hefer for Southern Guid – Photo by James Harris.

Basel 2018 – Nendo for Friedman Benda, Gaetano Pesce for Calvin Klein, Porky Hefer for Southern Guild and more… At Design Miami / Basel 2018 world’s leading galleries teamed up with established designers and emerging talents to create poetic and surreal furniture. Archipanic selected 7 bespoke projects on show at the collectible design fair in the Swiss city.

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Snuggling up in an endangered monster’s embrace

Porky Hefer for Southern Guild
Porky Hefer for Southern Guid - Photo by James Harris.

Photo by James Harris.

Would you take a nap on a polar bear belly or relax between the jaws of a great white shark? Southern Guild gallery presented a series of bean bags and hanging chairs in the shape of wild animals listed as endangered by the World Wildlife Fund. The collection created by South African designer Porky Hefer‘s comprises also an orangutan, a pygmy sloth and a blue whale which were crafted using polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, up-cycled shirts and wool.

Vibrant Cassina thrones… in a barn!

Raf Simons reinterprets Gaetano Pesce for Calvin Klein
Raf Simons reinterprets Gaetano Pesce for Calvin Klein - Photo by Stefano De Monte.

Photo by © Stefano De Monte.

Calvin Klein debuted at Design Miami/ Basel to celebrate Italian designer Gaetano Pesce with an installation inspired by an authentic American barn. Creative director Raf Simons reinterpreted the designer’s Feltri chairs which were originally designed for Cassina by using one-of-a-kind American heirloom quilts from the 19th and 20th centuries. The Feltri series is an ironic take of the royal throne combining art and functionality.

Imaginary office furniture up-cycling e-waste

Formafantasma for Giustini Stagetti
Ore Streams cublcle - Photo by Formafantasma.

Photo by Formafantasma.

Materials and parts from unwanted laptops, phones and other technological devices compose FormaFantasma’s imaginary office design collection. The up-cycled furnitures debuted in Basel at the Giustini Stagetti gallery booth. “Electronics are the fastest growing waste stream. Today, around 70% of used devices is often shipped illegally to developing countries where they are disassembled in poor working conditions and, with no better means, toxic components of electronics are disposed of inappropriately” Say to Archipanic Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin of FormaFantasma. Read more…

Furniture inspired by bleeding blue-hues on a paper sheet

Nendo for Friedman Benda
Nendo for Friedman Benda - Photo by James Harris

Photo by James Harris.

Japanese design studio Nendo has created an 18-piece metal furniture series for New York City gallery Friedman Benda. The pieces were inspired by the effects of bleeding blue-hued watercolour paint on a white paper surface. The collections includes twin chairs joined to each other on one side, seats with protruding large panels and tables with holes crossed by thin tubular legs which create multiple levels.

3D printed Dutch ceramic vases

Olivier van Herpt for Galerie VIVID
Photo by Olivier van Herpt

Photo by Olivier van Herpt.

Galerie VIVID debuted in Basel with an installation featuring Olivier van Herpt‘s a 3-D printed stackable porcelain vases inspired by traditional Delftware ceramic. The Dutch designer had developed a ceramic 3D printer able to print ceramic pieces up to 90 cm high, The gallery showcased mainly Dutch contemporary designers, but also great designers from the twentieth century.

A fashion designer’s cavernous lamps

Rogan Gregoy for R & Company
Rogan Gregory for R & Company - Photo by James Harris

Photo by James Harris.

New York City gallery R & Company presented American fashion designer Rogan Gregory’s outsize wood sculptures and cavernous stone lamps. Each design piece evokes “a vague resemblance to an animal, bone fragment, or something washed up on the beach, prompting viewers to look closer,” explains Gregory.

Precarious Magma: gravity defying design from Mexico and the US

Emiliano Godoy, Héctor Esrawe, Brian Thoreen and EWE Studio
Nouvel Limited presents Precarious Magma - Photo by James Harris

Photo by James Harris.

The Precarious collection by Mexican designers Emiliano Godoy and Héctor Esrawe with LA-based designer Brian Thoreen comprises pieces that remain upright on the floor due to tension that defies gravity. The Magma series by Mexico City–based EWE Studio features luminous glass shapes which seem to grab on to walls. The two design collectives collaborated with the creative glass lab Nouvel Limited and worked hand in hand with their artisans to generate the pieces for this Curio installation.

Galerie VIVID - Photo by James Harris

Design Miami/ Basel 2018. Galerie VIVID – Photo by James Harris,