Fun-Tional Collection_by Jaime Hayon for Paola C - Photo by Jaime Hayon.

7 Christmasy tableware. Fun-Tional Collection_by Jaime Hayon for Paola C – Photo by Jaime Hayon.

Xmas – Christmas time is about bringing together family and friends. But each member has his/her own style – from the most traditional mood to quirky and refined preferences.

The Grandma

Kristine Five Melvaer's SOFT bowl - Photo by When Objects Work.

Photo by When Objects Work.

When she serves food she won’t take no for an answer when you politely say ‘thanks, that’s good enough for me’. The grandma is traditional, good hearted and with a single mission: to make everybody happy and well-stuffed! For her, large and simple design for filling portions we suggest Kristine Five Melvaer’s beech and walnut Soft bowls for When Objects Work which reinterpret traditional still life motives. The design consists of two interlocking bowls which can be used to create different landscapes to storage, present and eat fruit. “These are simple yet essential actions that tie people together across differences” explain the Norwegian designer.

The little dreamer

Fun-tional Collection_by Jaime Hayon for Paola C - Photo by Jaime Hayon.

Fun-tional Collection_by Jaime Hayon for Paola C – Photo by Jaime Hayon.

The Christmas table is a playground. The Fun-tional collection by Jaime Hayon for Paola C  is “a fantastical collection of surreal and imaginative tableware objects,” says the designer to Archipanic. Each element is crafted with sophisticated metalworking. Even the smallest details become grandiose gestures, thanks to Hayon’s unique style which blends quality with functionality.

The jolly uncle

Raami tableware collectin by Jasper Morrison for Ittala

Raami tableware collection by Jasper Morrison for Ittala.

It’s time to relax, and to bring to the table a more informal and convivial mood. Jasper Morrison‘s Raami, a tableware collection in ceramic, glass and wood for Finnish company Iittala is designed for convivial moments with family and friends. “I have a feeling that the days of the fully matched tableware sets are over”. Raami consists of a family of relatives which have varying characters according to types.

The social butterfly

The SOCIAL BUTTERFLY Collection by NUDE GLASS - Photo by Nude Glass.

Photo by Nude Glass.

Flitting between parties, gatherings and meals with friends and family, a social butterfly needs all the essentials to be the perfect host. NUDE‘s subtle collections epitomise understated decadence and include decanters, cheese boards and champagne flutes for the ultimate dinner party or drinks soirée.

The down-to-earth mate

STILL LIFE installations by Calico Wallpaper Ladies Gentleman Studio and MUD Australia - Photo by Lea Anouchinsky

He/she would be after earthy and matte hues. MUD Australia‘s new series of porcelain vases and tableware comes in a subtle color palette of ink, sand, steel, citrus and milk. “Embodying a handmade craft, alongside nature-inspired colors and shapes”, the brand aims to “instill the space with timeless silhouettes, harmonious materiality and organic calmness.”

The moody indie soul

Ann Demeulemeester for Serax - Photo courtesy of Serax -2

He/She is often moody and selective. But eager to lay the attitude down on the Xmas table! He/She would love the Fashion Designer Ann Demeulemeester‘s collection of porcelain plates, cutlery and glassware for Belgian homeware company Serax. The range blends colour and materials with vibrant patterns and broody aesthetics with an eclectic  interplay of light and shadow.

The Aesthete

Virgil Abloh CRYSTAL CLEAR collection for Baccarat - Photo by Laurent Parraultz

Photo by Laurent Parrault.

Devil is in the details is the mantra of the  true style arbiter. He/she’s always tuned with the latest trends. Fashion designer Virgil Abloh celebrates the 255th anniversary of ‘crystal arbiter’ Baccarat with a tableware collection comprising chandeliers, table vessels, and drinking glasses.

Raami tableware collectin by Jasper Morrison for Ittala.

Raami tableware collection by Jasper Morrison for Ittala.