BRIC exhibition. Nathalie du Pasquier x Mutina for Art - Photo by Mutina
5 ‘deceiving’ ceramic design at Cersaie 2019. BRIC exhibition. Nathalie du Pasquier x Mutina for Art – Photo by Mutina.

Cersaie 2019Cersaie, the leading international fair for surface and bathroom design, proved that creativity and technology can give birth to unexpected and cutting-edge combinations for both home interiors, retail spaces and external wall covering. We picked 6 ‘deceiving’ ceramic designs and innovations debuting in Bologna.

Ceramic like oxydised metals

BLAZE collection - Courtesy of ©Atlas Concorde
Courtesy of ©Atlas Concorde.

Atlas Concorde launches Blaze, a ceramic collection with a unique metal-look. Inspired by the industrial-chic and raw-luxe character of oxidised metals and weathering steel – or COR.TEN – the series comes in a wide range of sizes. “The extensive range of colours is made more surprising by the graphic complexity of the textures,” explain at Atlas Concorde.

Ceramic like Himalayan salt and Amazonian seabeds

Rock Salt Maximum collection by Graniti Fiandre - Photo by Graniti Fiandre
Photo by ©Graniti Fiandre.

Graniti Fiandre looks at Nature’s wonders launching collections inspired by earthy elements, available in both large slabs and traditional tile sizes, as well as in the sustainable Active 2.0 version. Rock Salt Maximum is a refined architectural range reproducing the shades and the crystals of Himalayan salt with great realism. The Amazonite series is inspired by the seabed nuances of the majestic Brazilian river.

Ceramic like bruttalist concrete

Photo by Cotto d’Este

Cotto d’Este‘s Cement Project is a system of colours and surfaces that very faithfully recalls the aesthetics and texture of cement. Conceptually, the collection recalls the most important Brutalist architectural projects of the 20th century, from which it borrows its severity and intensely expressive quality, but its application is open to a wide variety of interpretations.

‘Rustrial’ tiles

Courtesy of Marazzi
Courtesy of Marazzi.

The Rustrial trend combines rustic and industrial. One example? The Crogiolo Zellige collection by Marazzi translates Moroccoan terracotta azulejos into 10×10 glazed ‘industrially crafted’ tiles keeping all the imperfections of the original raw matter. The Marazzi Vero collection is inspired by beauty of solid wood knots and imperfections thanks to cutting-edge technology.

Ceramic like Venetian silk

I FILòATI DI REX by Florim Group with Rubelli.
Photo by by Florim Group with Rubelli.

Ceramic surfaces and fine fabrics come together in the I Filati di Rex collection by Florim in collaboration with historic Venetian textile company Rubelli. The two companies first met and joined forces thanks to a Peggy Guggenheim’s entrepreneurial program in Venice.

The result is a series combining the most advanced ceramic production technologies with a centuries-old heritage in the art of silk. Iconic decorative patterns from Rubell’si archives come to life on the ceramic surface in an elegant interplay of relief effects that reinterpret the texture of the fabric.

(Glazing the) art of the brick

BRIC exhibition. Nathalie du Pasquier x Mutina for Art - Photo by Mutina
BRIC exhibition. Nathalie du Pasquier x Mutina for Art – Photo by Mutina.

Within the MUT Space, Mutina for Art, the creative art-driven platform by ceramic tile company Mutina, showcased a large installation by French designer Nathalie Du Pasquier who has created 7 vibrant architectural structures resembling giant pawns and small towers.

The designer started from the the brick “as an archetypal compositional element: minimal, economical, repeated, rhythmical, adaptable to the widest range of forms,” explain at Mutina. Glazed and vibrantly coloured, 7 different types of bricks were composed to create a metaphysical landscape defined by architectural contrasts between solid and void.

Cement Project by Cotto d’Este – Photo by Cotto d’Este
BLAZE collection by Atlas Concorde - Photo by @dalisas_agency
BLAZE collection by Atlas Concorde – Photo via IG by @dalisas_agency.