Characters, Japanese Calligraphy-Inspired Furniture - Image by SABI by Sabina Blasotti.

Archipanic’s favourite design launches of 2022. Above: ‘Characters’ furniture collection by SABI by Sabina Blasotti – Courtesy of SABI.

Design – An ode to the seventies in resin and concrete, swiveling urban chairs, and a magically gravity-defeating wind bell feature in our favourite design launches of 2022. Check what we liked the most in the past twelve months.

Divine inspiration

DIVINE INSPIRATION exhibition by Lee Broom in Milan, PANTHEON collection - Photo by Luke Hayes.

Photo by Luke Hayes, courtesy of Lee Broom.

British designer Lee Broom celebrated his brand’s 15th anniversary with the Divine Inspiration exhibition showcasing new ethereal lighting pieces inspired by places of worship. “I wanted to create a lighting collection that invoked that same sense of awe and mysticism as those buildings and their interiors,” the designer told Archipanic. Read more…

Japanese calligraphy-informed furniture

Characters, Japanese Calligraphy-Inspired Furniture - Image by SABI by Sabina Blasotti.

Image by SABI by Sabina Blasotti.

Sabina Blasiotti of SABI design studio has developed Characters, a furniture collection informed by the ink-black swift strokes of Japanese calligraphy. “Each piece possesses its own expressional character,” the designer told Archipanic. The collection addresses Japanese wood carving craftsmen’s self-expression. To obtain the typical pitch-black ink look, the furniture pieces come in sculpted cedar wood burnt on the surface. Read more…

Squared seat

'Square' chair by Jonathan Olivares x Moroso - Photo by Gianluca Vassallo, courtesy of Moroso.

Photo by Gianluca Vassallo, courtesy of Moroso.

During Milan Design Week, Moroso launched the Square collection of soft seats by American designer Jonathan Olivares in collaboration with Kvadrat. “The collection derives its formal language from the basic square unit that makes up the warp and weft of a woven textile. Enlarged and abstracted, the chair’s shape represents the textile used to make it,” Olivares told Archipanic.

Long live the ’70s

Draga & Auriel's GOLIA dining table + coffee tables - Courtesy of Draga & Auriel

Courtesy of Draga & Auriel.

Draga & Auriel’s ultimate collection pays tribute to the artistic and cultural buzz of the Seventies and to the greatest masters of that time. The Golia benches and tables unexpectedly juxtapose concrete and resin to create sculptural and almost monumental forms. The base is made entirely of concrete, and its surface features a particular effect obtained through corrosion with sea salt, which brings the material to life. The thick resin top, with its brightness and depth, reflects the outside world, changing, in turn, depending on the lights surrounding it.

Multi-purpose chair

SUI chair by Raw Edges x +Halle - Photo by +Halle.

Photo by +Halle.

London-based studio Raw Edges has designed SUI, a multitasking desk chair for Danish brand +Halle. Enlivened with a swivel and an embracing wooden surface, the seat creates an intriguing niche with its hybrid use – whether you need to work, relax or simply enjoy playing with it. When seated, every aspect of the object evokes free movement, with refined yet generous angles, opening for a wide and welcome yet private sphere. The seat debuted at 3 Days of Design.

Floating wind bell

Seven wind bell by So Koizumi - Photo by So Koizumi.

Photo by So Koizumi.

Japanese designer So Koizumi has created Seven, a musical wind bell like the ones you might have seen in zen gardens. Made of bent brass parts and held by almost invisible threads, the tensed structure appears to be stabling floating. External forces such as wind create sway to maintain equilibrium and make a conic bell humbly resonate in space, adding healing and colour to daily life. Discover more design projects that appear to float in mid-air magically.

Tennis and outdoor sports furniture

ACE furniture collection by Patrick Norguet x Ethimo, golf set - Courtesy of Ethimo.

Courtesy of Ethimo.

Italian brand Ethimo launched the ACE furniture collection for outdoor sports, named after the winning serve in tennis. French designer Patrick Norguet has brought together design, comfort, functionality, and character for any athletic environment. “We came up with a ‘system’ that has a clean and elegant design which satisfies the widest range of demands.” Explained the designer. Read more…

Swiveling urban chairs

SWIVEL installation by Sabine MArcelis x SolidNature @ London Design Festival 2022 - Photo by Ed Reeve, courtesy of LDF 2022.

Photo by Ed Reeve, courtesy of LDF 2022.

Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis teamed up with the innovative surface material manufacturer and innovator SolidNature to develop a series of colourful rotating chairs inviting people to relax, connect and play. The seats were the centerpiece of the SWIVEL outdoor public installation in the heart of St. Giles Square during London Design Festival 2022. Read more…

Magmatic Parallelism

Magmatic Parallelism by Studio David Pompa - Courtesy of David Pompa.

Courtesy of David Pompa.

With the Magmatic Parallelism collection, Mexican designer David Pompa balances metal and volcanic rock to create exquisite suspended lighting designs. Each piece features two stone pieces hanging at different heights and joined by a metal part. The lighting designs are defined by the parallelism of the rocks, either horizontal or vertical. Read more…

Balinese bloom in a chair

FIORE chair by Anacleto Spezzapan - Photo by Anacleto Spezzapan.

Photo by Anacleto Spezzapan.

Anacleto Spazzapan is an ironsmith working between Italy and Indonesia. His Fiore seats are solid architectures of welded metal parts with precious handcrafted fabrics. The chairs are made from Balinese wedding flags cut into strips and hand-woven according to traditional craftsmanship. Each piece is unique and comes with its own happy story. Discover more flower-shaped chairs.