Casa Dende Duratex by NS+ Studio - Photo by Denilson Machado.

2019 Best Interiors. Casa Dende Duratex by NS+ Studio – Photo by Denilson Machado.

Best of 2019 – We have collected some of the most stylish and innovative innovative interior designs of the year. (Re)discover a conceptual space inspired by Russian Avant-Garde, a vibrant supermarket in Cologne and an in-wonderland pool for kids ad their parents in China…

UNDER-water restaurant

UNDER restaurant by Snøetta - Photo by © Ivar Kvaal.

Photo by © Ivar Kvaal.

Snøhetta’ has completed the partly submerged UNDER restaurant – and research center for marine life – at the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline, where diners can explore the forces of nature. “The project is a tribute to the Norwegian coast and to Lindesnes – to the wild fauna of the sea and to the rocky coastline of Norway’s southern tip.” Say at Snøhetta to Archipanic. Read more…

Cross cultural supermarket

SOLERA Spanish supermarket by Masquespacio - Photo by Louis Beltran.

Spanish studio Masquespacio blends the colorful vibe of Spain with German practical imprint for SOLERA supermarket in Cologne. The design was developed in search of a touch of a Mediterranean emotion, mixed with functional features necessary for this type of retail. “We played with colors and forms for a few decorative elements into the space which are from Spanish origin”. Read more…

Millennials-friendly working space

ASICS EMEA HQs by Powerhouse Company - Photography by Sebastian van Damme, courtesy of Powerhouse Company.

Millennial’s friendly interior design for ASICS’ Amsterdam headquarters by Powerhouse Company and RED Company proactively “ensures the wellbeing of employees and visitors, sustainably“. The overall interior features an open arena matching millennials’ working lifestyle and values. An open atrium replaces the functions of a conventional office lobby, combining the informal quality of a gathering and public exhibition venue. Read more…

Monochromatic penthouse

Casa Dende Duratex by NS+ Studio – Photo by Marco Antonio.

Bahia-based NJ+ Studio has created the fluid and minimalist spaces of Casa Dende Duratex, a 155 sqm temporary apartment at the Jockey Club of São Paulo, Brazil. The contemporary architecture as well as the thriving nature of the Brazilian state of Bahia inspired the studio founder Nildo José to conceive a house of clean architecture, abundant in straight lines and punctual curves. Read more…

Blending heritage with contemporary lifestyle

JCA Living Lab by J.C. Architecture © Kuo-Min Lee.

J.C. Architecture has updated traditional Japanese interiors with contemporary Taiwanese urban lifestyle with the JCA Living Lab apartment in Taipei. The project blends traditional craftsmanship with modern detailing, such as a circular light feature hanging from the roof of the living room, against a backdrop of preserved materials. JCA Living Lab won the World Interior of the Year award at the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors.. Read more…

Conceptual purple interiors

Purple Suprematist pavilion by Maxim Kashin Architects - Photo by Dmitri Chebanenko - Courtesy of Maxim Kashin Architects.

Purple Suprematist pavilion by Maxim Kashin Architects – Photo by Dmitri Chebanenko – Courtesy of Maxim Kashin Architects.

Maxim Kashin has created a purple suprematist interior design highlighting the superiority of colour over the form and the pure geometry of space. inspired by the iconic ideals and theories of the iconic 1910’s Russian Avant-Garde, the monochromatic pavilion had a purple gradient background, where dark purple fades slowly into light purple thus creating a three-dimensional perception of the space. Read more…

In-wonderland kids’ pool party

Loong Swim Club by X+Living - Swimming Pool.

Swimming Pool.

Kids and their parents are invited to have fun at the Loong Swim Club by interior design studio X+Living in Suzhou, China. Relaxing pastel-hued interiors are filled by a playful cartoonish graphic-design aiming to free kids’ fantasy while creating a relaxing marine atmosphere. For the pool, the studio has used a gentle color sense – millennial pink and aquamarine – which does not distinguish color in gender intentionally. Narrow arches on a side and large arched doors create an intrusive and dreamy experience. Read more…

Home and office blur in this co-working space in Ukraine

Ya Vsesvit's monochrome co-working space in Kiev - Photo: courtesy of Ya Vsesvit.

Ya Vsesvit’s monochrome co-working space in Kiev – All photos: courtesy of Ya Vsesvit.

Kiev based architecture firm Yakusha Design has completed the interiors of Ya Vsesvit, a monochrome co-working space for millennials and all kind of design minded communities. The interior design features folk musical instruments-inspired furnitures as well details blurring a homey feel with a professional-driven space. Read more…