8 lighting installations at Milan Design Week - Tree-Chandelier by Studio Swine got COS. Courtesy of COS.

10 lighting installations at Milan Design Week – Tree-Chandelier by Studio Swine got COS. Courtesy of COS.

Milan 2017 – Few days left to enjoy Fuorisalone. Wouldn’t it by convenient to optimize time and spoil your imagination with mesmerizing shows? We selected 10 lighting installations across the city.

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SuperStudio Più, Via Tortona 27. M2 Porta Genova.

LG debuts at Milan Design Week with an immersive exhibition by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka. 17 glass chairs emit colour-changing flashes of light. Called S.F. CHAIRS, the seatings are made from 15-millimetre-thick, dual-sided OLED panels that allow to create iredescent projections. In the back of the installation 30,000 individual OLED light modules compose a pulsating screen. “The massive bright wall refers to the power of the sun and LG human-centric design approach” Says Tokujin Yoshioka to Archipanic.


Foscarini Showroom, Via Fiori Chiari 28, M2 Lanza

Fare luce exhibition @ Foscarini Spazio Brera – All photos by G. Koren, courtesy of Foscarini.

Italian lighting design company Foscarini explores the emotional nuances of light and shadow with the FARE LUCE exhibition. Architect Giovanni Maria Filindeu created a path through six different installations that explore summer sunsets, childhood memories, mystic experience and more. In each room a specially-composed soundscape accompany visitors through a journey of light and feelings. Read more about FARE LUCE.

JEWELBOX IN THE SKY  by Gambardella Architetti

Piazzetta Brera, M2 Lanza.
©FILIPPOROMANO - Courtesy of Gambardella Architetti.

©FILIPPOROMANO – Courtesy of Gambardella Architetti.

Just next to the Brera Academy of Arts, Cherubino Gambardella and Simona Ottieri have created a stunning tower that invites visitors to look through a window and explore kaleidoscopic reflections meshing light and architecture. The JEWELBOX IN THE SKY was designed for Capoferri, an Italian company producing architectural doors and windows since 1894. “From a outside it looks like a golden tower, as you peek inside it you discover an ascensional design made by fastenings, locks, handles and different metal parts joined together” explains Simona Ottieri to Archipanic.

NEON POETRIES in Alessandro Manzoni’s Garden

Gallerie d’Italia, Via Manzoni 10 – M1-2 Duomo
Poesie di Neon - Ph. by @dudustickerbook, IG.

Poesie di Neon – Ph. by @dudustickerbook, IG.

At Gallerie d’Italia, Luca Trazzi creates a magic installation in the colonnade of Palazzo Anguissola and the private garden of XIX Century writer Alessandro Manzoni. Luminous words and glowing plants made by neon tubes create a game of filled and empty spaces, lights and shadows. “The exhibition links Alessandro Manzoni’s passion for botanics with the neon lightscape of Milan in the 1950s when signs by prominent Italian brands like Alemagna, Motta and Cynar used to fill the streets” explains Luca Trazzi to Archipanic. The exhibtion is promoted by Intesa San Paolo and lighting design company Kundalini.

Foundation by Formafantasma

Spazio KRIZIA, Via Manin 21 – M3 Turati.
Foundation exhition by Formafantasma - Photo: ©Masiar Pasquali.

©Masiar Pasquali.

Golden hoops projecting circles of light, sculptural pendant lights with luminous balances and minimal colorful refractions. At Spazio Krizia, Formafantasma studio showcases its design research process. The Foundation exhibition features study pieces and works in progress including also prototypes of the new designs developed for FLOS. Read more about Foundation

Responsive rooms by BBLD @ ELLE DECOR Concept store

Palazzo Bovara, Corso Venezia 51 – M1 Palestro.
Barbara Balestreri Lighting Design @ Elle Decor Store - Courtesy of BBDL.

Barbara Balestreri Lighting Design @ Elle Decor Store – Courtesy of BBDL.

Responsive light-installations by Barbara Balestreri Lighting Design invite visitors to trigger sensors and projections that activate emotional and dynamic lighting design. Guests can sit on a chair to switch on a kaleidoscopic effect of reflections. Glowing globes pulsate creating a raindrop effect over a rippling water surface projected on the floor. Philippe Starck’s hat lamps hanging upside-down from the ceiling lit-up when people steps on a particular spot. A chandelier emanating a warm, bespoke light becomes a sculpture when indirectly illuminated. “With this installation in collaboration with FLOS we aimed to highlight both the decorative and technical aspects of lighting design which are often presented separately even though they are inseparable aspects of the project” Says to Archipanic Barbara Balestreri, founder of Milan-based BBLD.

COS: Studio Swine’s tree-chandelier

Cinema Arti, Via Pietro Mascagni 8 – M2 San Babila.

Misty bubbles drop from sculptural tree inspired by chandeliers of Milanese palazzos. Swedish fashion brand COS invited Studio Swine to create an interactive installation at a former cinema in Milan city centre. The designers teamed with Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves created a 6 m tall blossoming tree made of white slender tubes. Bubbles don’t burst when they come in contact with texture fabrics. Visitors wearing gloves provided by the staff can hold them until they pop emanating a scented mist. “Our interactive installation was inspired by Murano chandeliers and reflects the communal spirit of gorgeous Italian fountains” say at Studio Swine to Archipanic. Watch video.

DECODE/RECODE: Luca Nichetto & Ben Gorham for Salviati

Ventura Centrale, Via Ferrante Aporti 19/21 – M1-3 Centrale.
Nichetto for Salviati @ Ventura Centrale - Photo di Maurizio Polese.

Nichetto for Salviati @ Ventura Centrale – Photo di Maurizio Polese.

At the brand new design district Ventura Centrale, Salviati showcases two glowing installations by Luca Nichetto and Ben Gorham that explore the theme of modularity with glass. The first room hosts 53 illuminated figures formed by the simple stacking of unique hand-blown glass elements. “We used colour and technique to design simple modules that, combined, introduce the possibility to create more than 10.000 unique and original figures” Explains Luca Nichetto. Ben Gorham explores modularity through the layering of delicate and unique glass elements. “Because of the qualities of glass, we could develop the concepts of stackability and layering. The interaction of each piece determines variations in colours, textures and figures: it was natural to think how glass interacts with other parts and with the light”.

TIME MACHINE, Lee Broom at Ventura Centrale

Ventura Centrale, Via Ferrante Aporti 19/21 – M1-3 Centrale.
Courtesy of Lee Broom.

Courtesy of Lee Broom.

A revolving white fairground carousel under the Milano Centrale vault showcases a retrospective of Lee Broom’s decade in design by combining drama, sound, movement and illumination. On display a collection of limited edition products from past collection all reimagined for today, alongside a new Carrara marble grandfather clock. “The Carousel represents the lifecycle the brand has journeyed throughout the past 10 years” Says Lee Broom to Archipanic. Upon entering the derelict vault, the carousel provided the only illumination to the space becoming a Kubrick-esque, yet playful and serene theatrical beacon.

Zaha Hadid Architects’ installation for Samsung

BASE, Via Tortona 34 – M2 Porta Genova.
UNCINFINED - Photo by Luke Hayes.

UNCINFINED – Photo by Luke Hayes.

Zaha Hadid Architects created an interactive installation featuring large warped petals and immersive projections that aim to narrate the story behind the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. “We designed the whole experience in terms of its physical presence” explains Michael Schumacher on the exhibition opening. Indeed, visitors are invited to create their own avatarr and interact with the installation.

Gorham for Salviati @ Ventura Centrale - Photo di Maurizio Polese.

Gorham for Salviati @ Ventura Centrale – Photo di Maurizio Polese.