Normann Copenhagen Tivoli collection. Photo by Normann Copehagen.
10 convivial tableware designs for Christmas. Normann Copenhagen Tivoli collection. Photo by Normann Copehagen.

Christmas’ knocking at the door… And there’s not reason to worry about gifts, especially for foodies. Check these convivial tableware designs working perfectly both under the tree and on the dinner table.

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Fairytales characters join the Christmas banquet

Normann Copenhagen Tivoli collection. Photo by Normann Copehagen.
Normann Copenhagen Tivoli collection. Photo by Normann Copehagen.

Inspired by the Tivoli Gardens in the Danish capital, Normann Copenhagen created a contemporary design collection that captures the enchanting magic and cultural heritage of the Copenhagen’s historic fun-park. The rich and playful design collection includes included playful tableware including also colorful tea sets, candle holders and glassblown tea lights, but also a set of hand-painted oak figurines inspired by fairytales.

Le Corbusier and Emmentaler, à la table! 

Plateau Suisse by Alain Gilles - Photo by Alain Gilles.
Photo by Alain Gilles.

Alain Gilles has designed a set of modular brutalist-inspired tableware design for Switzerland Cheese highlighting two of the country’s most loved icons: cheese and brutalism. Raw black wood meets an elegant details in copper, two materials that play a fundamental role in cheese making.

Pouring drinks, Memphis-style

Sowden's Bottle Family by George Sowden - Photo by HAY,
Sowden’s Bottle Family by George Sowden – Photo by HAY.

Contrasting colours make for a playful expression with Sowden’s bottle series for Danish brand HAY. Created by Memphis Master George Sowden, the functional design series is crafted in stainless steel with a plastic screw lid, and is suitable for both black coffee and iced tea drinks. Sowden’s bottle come in different sizes and colours ranging from canary yellow to electric blue.

Charcoal and spices-inspired tableware

Caractère by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance for Revol - Photo by the designer.
Photo by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance.

Noé Duchaufour-Lawrances Caractère tableware collection in collaboration with the French brand Revol which celebrates its 250th anniversary at the upcoming Maison & Objet. The collection was inspired by spices as well as a charcoal design hand-made drawing. 

Delicate glassware blushing with colour

PIGMENTO glassware by Formafantassma for Nude
Photo by Formafantasma.

Formafantasma has designed a set of serving plates patterned with accents of yellow and blush pink for glassware design brand Nude. The Pigmento collection comprises detailing a jug, plate, serving dishes and lidded vessel emphasising the craft of mouth-blown glass with episodes of brightly colored explosions.

Quirky glassware potpourri

Potpourri by Meike Harde for PULPO - Photo by Thomas Wiuf Schwartz.
Photo by Thomas Wiuf Schwartz.

Pick them, pour them, roll them, and hold them. Meike Harde’s glassware families of carafes and glasses for German design brand Pulpo are an enigmatic kaleidoscope of colour, form and texture. With the Potpourri collection a tablescape party is sure to be full of character.

Cherry on top? Iranian architecture… Or viceversa? 

SIMAN collection by Gian Paolo Venier for UrbiEtOrbi - Photo & styling © Olivier Lacrouts.
Photo & styling © Olivier Lacrouts.

Gian Paolo Venier translates Iranian architecture into a tableware collection for Greek concrete home accessories UrbiEtOrbi. It all started from a postcard from Teheran. The result is a concrete tableware collection named Simanconcrete in Parsi – which features cake stands, dishes, vases and candle holders. Read more…

Skeleton cutlery 

Skeleton Tableware by nendo for Valerie Objects - Photo by Valerie Objects
Photo by Valerie Objects.

Knifes, forks, and spoons are reduced to a mere silhouette in the minimalistic cutlery collection by nendo for Antwerp-based design label Valerie Objects. The Japanese studio limited the amount of material used while still retaining their use and purpose. Named Skeleton, the collection comes in four different colors, silver, black, copper, and gold, and is PVD coated and to provide an anti-scratch and dirt-repellent surface.

Sculptural trompe-l’oeil

CANOVA by Constance Guisset for Moustache - Photo by the designer.
Photo by Constance Guisset.

With the Canova Series, Constance Guisset has created a set of trompe-l’oeil plates paying tribute to sculpture for French design brand Moustache. The modeling creates an illusion of smoothness, shaped in the lively matter of the ceramics. Each plate comes in two sizes and five colours – white, green, water mint, burgundy and light pink.

Bowls on stilts

Échasse bowl by Theresa Rand for MENU - Photo by MENU AS
Photo by MENU AS.

The Èchasse elegant collection of glass vases and bowls by German designer Theresa Rand for MENU comes with slender, stilt-like legs delicately supporting minimalist glass forms. The series is available in different sizes and also in a smoked glass version with brushed brass legs.