“This story represents the civic side of the current two-fold crisis engulfing Athens” Comments Andreas Angelidakis “Athens took it’s current shape during a mass internal migration from the 1950s and onwards, when Greeks from every corner of the WWII and Greek Civil War ravaged country moved to Athens for jobs and modern comforts. This was followed by a wave of financial immigrants from Eastern Europe, North Africa and Asia that began in the 1990s. With the new crisis Chara decides to leave, just like the immigrants leaving for their countries and Greek people taking off in search of better fortunes”.

THE STORY. After being disapponted by the cheap profit driven development in the past decades and being consumed by the recent economical and civic crisis, the housing-block Chara (χαρὰ means Joy) realizes that the city is not its environment anymore and wants to leave to become a mountain. The building that has become a ruin taken over by trees and plants, stands up and leave behind a city eroded by concrete. Chara walks away with a simple dream: embracing Nature and becoming an inhabitable mountain.

Because ruins are just buildings on their way to become Nature.


TROLL – The Building that wanted to become a Mountain

(Walking Building part II)

by Andrea Angelidakis

3D + animations: AA Studio

A. Angelidakis, S. Vasiliou

N. Stathi, G, Effaxpoulos

Sound: “Song for the Greater Jihad” Blue Water White Death