FOLD table lamp by Thalea Schmalenberg and Kasper Friis Egelund

PURE Talent 2020. FOLD table lamp by Thalea Schmalenberg and Kasper Friis Egelund.

IMM Cologne 2020 – We have selected 8 innovative furniture prototypes by up-an-coming designers at IMM Cologne Pure Talents Contest exhibition. The designs showcase ideas for the lifestyles of tomorrow including an open-source vacuum cleaner and a collection of vases made of 100% recycled acrylic.

Pure Talent Contest - Photovia IG by @interieurjournaal

Photo via IG by @interieurjournaal.

Promoted and organised by Koelnmesse, the Pure Talent Contest is specifically aimed at designers who are still studying or have recently completed their education. The designs on show are reduced to their bare essentials, making modern life simpler and more manageable, with more than an eye on sustainability. High rents, increasingly small homes and constantly changing living situations have prompted many designers to develop flexible and individual product solutions that can be used for different functions, leading to the creation of multitasking furniture. Check the ones we liked the most!

The stretchable pipe-table

PIPE-LINE table by Otto Vosding

Otto Vosding  presents PIPE-LINE, an “extending table whose mechanism serves as the central design feature”. Two pipes flow into each other akin to a telescopic rod and function simultaneously as the extending mechanism and frame. The visible screws in the sides and the demonstrative display of all the functional parts make PIPE-LINE a unique extending table. The colouring indicates the table’s function and highlights the parts to be moved.

Rethinking the worktable

LEVI worktable by Marie Kurstjens and Iva Coskun

Levi, the worktable by Marie Kurstjens and Iva Coskun has won the Pure Talent Contest. “The centrepiece of the design is the joint.” Explain the designers. “The continuous range of adjustments at any angle enables the universal use of very different tabletop sizes and shapes”. Levi is mobile, lightweight, intuitive, and can be assembled and disassembled without tools. Folded flat, the X-base is a space-saving design for easy stowing and, flat-packed, keeps storage and transport costs down.

The yo-yo lamp that dims as the time goes by

JOJO lamp by Sofia Souidi

The JoJo lamp by Sofia Souidi is wound up by a string and emits a bright, warm light. Within a short period of time, the light becomes dimmer before it goes out. “The idea for the project is that the change in light can create a sense of time.” The playful interaction of the pulling to turn the light on is reminiscent of a yo-yo, or Jo-Jo, in German, and gives the lamp its name and its shape.

Multifunctional shelves composition

BINOMIO by Giuseppe Arezzi

The hybrid Binomio design by Giuseppe Arezzi is a two-sided multifunctional object consisting of three simple shelves placed at different heights from the floor. “It can be used as a desk or as a wardrobe, but can also be a table for dining alone, a bench to take off your shoes, a hanger, a bedside table, a bookshelf, an altar or a prie-dieu, as well as a support for any type of object. Binomio is made of solid, lacquered beech wood.”

The luminous fan

FOLD table lamp by Thalea Schmalenberg and Kasper Friis Egelund

PURE Talent 2020. FOLD table lamp by Thalea Schmalenberg and Kasper Friis Egelund.

Inspired by the simple shape of a paper fan, Thalea Schmalenberg and Kasper Friis Egelund have created the Fold table lamp. By unfolding and placing the paper shade into its aluminium stand, “the design contrasts paper and metal, traditional craftsmanship and industrial design, hereby finding an aesthetic balance between feminine and masculine connoted materials”.

Vases made from 100% recycled 3D-cut acrylic

STRATUM Tempus by Daan De Wit

Stratum Tempus by Daan De Wit is a vase collection based on a self-developed, ecological and material-conscious technique. By laser-cutting sheet material such as 100% recycled acrylic or bamboo into concentric, thin layers, conical and organically shaped objects are created with less material and almost no waste. “The spiral shape creates a natural elegance. As a result, they have no facade and are changeable when moving, creating a dynamic experience in space.”

The open source vacuum cleaner

STRATUM Tempus by Daan De Wit

Tenok by Tim Krahmer is an open source vacuum cleaner that you can build yourself. “More than half of all vacuum cleaners are functional when they are thrown away. A waste? Absolutely – but also an opportunity to make something useful again from what appears to be rubbish!” By means of a 3D-printed adapter, Tenok can be equipped with used vacuum cleaner parts from nearly all manufacturers. The detailed online construction manual is designed to encourage even people without technical expertise to make one.

The carpet turns into a basket by pulling a rope

'braided weave' by Sofie Leenen

braided weave by Sofie Leenen is a woven carpet that can transform into a basket. “The project started as an investigation of the similarities between textile weaving and basket braiding. The constructions of the techniques differ greatly, and each technique has its own characteristics of complexity and identity. The carpet has a flat surface with a circular contour.” A rope is pulled through the loops at the ends. When the rope is pulled, the contour of the circle comes together as a 3-dimensional shape.