Magna Graecia by Antonio Aricò for Seletti - Photo by Alfredo Muscatello.

Maison & Object 2023. Magna Graecia by Antonio Aricò for Seletti – Photo by Alfredo Muscatello.

DesignFantastic animals, Matisse’s paintings, and bubbly particles inspired designers to create furniture collections debuting at Maison & Objet 2023. Check our ‘coupes de coeur’ at the Parisian fair.

Jeanne Riot x Ibride

Nocturne table lamp by Jeanne Riot x Ibride - Courtesy of Ibride.

Courtesy of Ibride.

Design Editeur Ibride launches the Nocturne collection by French designer Jeanne Riot. The series includes three porcupine-shaped table lamps with distinctive illuminated patterns thanks to micro-perforations on the lighting design’s shade. A dimmer allows for light adjustment.

Antonio Aricò x Seletti

Magna Graecia by Antonio Aricò for Seletti - Photo by Alfredo Muscatello.

Photo by Alfredo Muscatello.

Italian design brand Seletti unveils Magna Graecia, a collection of terracotta objects by Antonio Aricò. Taking stylistic cues from the ancient Greek colonies of southern Italy, the series includes familiar motifs from Doric and Ionic columns, wave-patterning, and whimsical busts sculpted with reference to antiquity. The works translate traditional southern Italian craft through a playful and contemporary lens.

Naoto Fukasawa x Lladró

Mokuren chandelier by Naoto Fukasawa x Ladrò - Courtesy of Lladrò.

Courtesy of Lladrò.

Spanish porcelain manufacturer Lladró celebrates 70 years and launches their Mokuren LED lighting collection by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa. Handmade flowers in translucent porcelain adorn a black lacquered aluminum frame evoking magnolia tree branches.

Guillaume Delvigne x Maison Matisse

Detour side table by Guillame Delvigne x Maison Matisse - Courtesy of Maison Matisse.

Courtesy of Maison Matisse.

French designer Guillaume Delvigne pays homage to Henri Matisse’s painting Les Mille et Une Nuits with a playful side table for Maison Matisse, the design brand founded by the artist’s family. Crafted in Portugal, the furniture is made of laser-cut and hand-finished cork and features a pop of color on its rim.

Ana Moussinet x La Manufacture

Oaze sofa by Ana Moussinet x La Manufacture - @studioblanco.

Ana Moussinet x La Manufacture – @studioblanco.

At the Maison&Objet in the City exhibition, La Manufacture launches brand-new collections inspired by Nature. French designer Ana Moussinet conceived the Oaze sofa as “the beating heart of your interior; an elementary particle that recomposes space around it and delivers astonishing comfort.” This levitating monolithic design’s precise yet simple round lines are conducive to meditation, reverie, and sharing confidences.

Note Design Studio x La Chance

Snow sofa by Note Design Studio x La Chance - Courtesy of La Chance.

Courtesy of La Chance.

La Chance presents Snow, a modular sofa created by Stockholm-based Note Design Studio. In Stockholm, snow morphs even the sharpest and most brutalist buildings into blurry and puffy volumes. From here, the studio played with the contrast between a solid and steady structure and the welcoming layer of soft snow on top. The modular system can be combined to create an infinity of shapes, and it is complemented by low modules that can be used as ottomans or combined to create straight or curved padded benches.

Uchronia x Prelle

Uchronia x Prelle collection - Courtesy of Maison & Objet 2023.

Courtesy of Maison & Objet 2023.

Multidisciplinary collective Uchronia, jack-of-all-trades and user of timeless French know-how, teamed up with the Prelle factory, the descendant of Lyon silk weavers, to create a vibrant collection of lighting design, seating, tables, and decor accessories. Together they imagine a singular world out of time where a century-old heritage thrives with new colours and motifs woven with historical and cutting-edge looms.