7 Mexican studios @ INEDITO exhibition at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City - Courtesy of Design Week Mexico

7 Mexican studios @ INÉDITO exhibition at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City – All images: courtesy of Design Week Mexico

Mexico 2018 – On the occasione of the 10th Design Week Mexico, Mexico City’s Museo Tamayo hosted INÉDITO, an exhibition showcasing utilitarian design and unpublished pieces by up and coming designers. On show over 80 pieces spanning fashion, textiles, furniture, industrial design, innovative concepts, and more. Check these 7 Mexican studios experimenting with materials and crafts.

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Alejandro Martínez Jaime

Arq. Alejandro Martínez Jaime @ INÉDITO - Courtesy of Design Week Mexico DEF

Architect Alejandro Martínez Jaime blends architecture with graphic and industrial design. At Design Mexico he presented a diamond-shaped concrete masonry product product made from construction waste. The project envisions the brick not only as a structural unit but also as a sustainable graphic element to create innovative patterns.

Natural Urbano

Lomo by Natural Urbano

Natural Urbano created the essential and linear Lomo lighting design. A metal support holds an ash wood bar and a piece of synthetic fiber which diffuses light thanks to a thermo-formed process. Founded in 2006 by Sebastián Beltrán and Lorena Márquez, the studio aims to transform common objects into conceptual pieces that adapt to and create harmonious and functional environments.

Pérch Mobiliario

O by Pérch Mobiliario

Inspired by the rings of the Planet Saturn, Pérch Mobiliario’s O lighting design can be used and a pendant, wall or table lamp by simply moving of a brass arch. Founded by industrial designer Paulina Herrera, the studio creates furniture and accessories according to 3 key values: timelessness, functionality and durability.

Bermúdez Studio

Nani by Bermúdez Studio

Bermúdez Studio created NANI an informal floor lamp inspired by millennials’ nomadic lifestyle. “The wooden cane can leave its base, creating a second more informal version, as it can be placed on any surface or simply recharged on a wall.” Founded in 2015 by José Bermudez, the studio is based in Mexico City and Colombia and has already joined international events such as Milan Design Week and Wanted Design during NYCxD in New York.

Claudia Suárez Ahedo

Ch'up by Claudia Suárez Ahedo

Strong, flexible, practical and sensible. Milan-based Mexican architect Claudia Suárez Ahedo translated the spirit of Mexican women into the Ch’up metal chair mixing the functional with the artistic. “Ch’up – which means ‘woman’ in Mayan language – adapts to different environments with its own distinct soul”.


Lumo - Courtesy of Design Week Mexico

In the wake of 2017 earthquake, light was one of the only few safe elements in a extremely vulnerable moments. Lumo’s cardboard design series highlights vulnerability and hope. The series “represents the force and the power that keep all the pieces in balance,” explain at Lumo.

Duco Lab

Menguante collection by Duco Lab

Duco Lab’s Menguante design collection is inspired by the ambient light of a specific lunar fase. The pieces are composed of blown glass, mechanisms machined in metal and application of a new advanced volcanic-inspired material called MAGMA® and developed by C37 Studio. Duco is a multidisciplinary design lab from Mexico City. Since 2008, “our team combines design, engineering, technology and manufacturing with mexican handcraft to to solve and materialize creative projects”.