10 independent Chinese designs brands and creatrives - Moon series by EY Products.

10 indie Chinese designs @ Design Shanghai 2017. Moon series by EY Products – Photo by EY Products

Shanghai 2017 – Geometrical tea-cups breaking the warm and introverted world of Chinese porcelain tradition, wall clocks stripped-bare to essential moving geometries and glowing moons by the nightstand. We selected 10 indie Chinese designs on show at Design Shanghai.

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Jamy Yang

Design Shanghai 2017: Yang House new collection.

Yang House new collection – Courtesy of Design Shanghai.

Jamy Yang is a leading industrial designer, founder of both Yang Design studio and Yang House furniture brand. His projects range from smart transport-luggages to aircrafts interior design and traditional furniture crafts. After his studies in Munich, he moved back to Shanghai where he now works with global brands combining German logical aesthetic with Chinese humanistic thinking. At design Shanghai he curated the exhibition Design Archaeology of a suitcase (read more) and showcased the new collection of Yang House (above).


OOP lighting by YUUE Design.

OOP lighting by YUUE Design – Courtesy of YUUE Design.

YUUE is an emerging design studio based in Berlin and founded by WENG Xinyu and TAO Haiyue, alumni of Bauhaus University Weimar. At Design Shangai, Mamamoon online retail store showcased their Oops lamps. You can switch them on and off by by pulling a string that accidentally drops the lighting source. YUUE’s design range includes also colourful stationery, a marble and steel lamp and cheeky furniture that missbehaves with an attitude.


HEXA by WUU - Courtesy of WUU.

HEXA by WUU – Courtesy of WUU.

Since 2014, WUU has been developing contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories. At Design Shanghai 2015, the brand’s founder Furong Cheng won the AD Designer of The Year award. Since then, WUU joined some of the most influential design events worldwide. Inspired by honeycombs, the Hexa concrete organizers come in different patterns and colorful finish to keep the desk in order with style.

Frank Chou

FAN chair - Courtesy of Frank Chou Design Studio.

Fan Chair – courtesy of Frank Chou Design Studio.

At Design Shanghai renowned designer Frank Chou presented a minimal furniture collection inspired by traditional Chinese fans and fashionable suitcases. Read more…


Silo wall clock - courtesy of Beyond-Object.

Silo wall clock – courtesy of Beyond-Object.

Beyond-Object is a design label of Poetic Lab, a London and Taipei design studio founded by young Taiwanese designer Hanhsi Chen. At Design Shanghai, she showcased the Silo wall clock, a super-essential sculptural clock made of just its angular hands. The hour and minute hands create mathematical tangential relations and triangular forms on the wall. Poetic Lab created also minimal pen-designs and elegant copper stationery.

64 CS-Ceramics

07. 64 CS-Ceramics family
07. 64 CS-Ceramics Single cup

Warm and introverted” is a largely common mood-set linked to traditional ceramic culture. 64 CS-Cermamic presented a collection of feldspar porcelain conical cups and wooden saucers that want to “leave some edges and phrases to this warm world”.

EY Products

"Ink and Wash" ebony series by EY Design - courtesdy of EY Design.

“Ink and Wash” ebony series by EY Design – courtesdy of EY Design.

EY Products is a Shenzen-based independent design brand founded by Jerry Huang and Eva Zhou. The alphabet combination of EY sounds closely to “unexpected pleasure” in Chinese. Surprise is indeed the key element of their designs that range from moon inspired lamps, contemporary stationery and a up-cycled collection of desktop accessories made of irregular black and yellow ebony scraps.


Ziinlife 2017 - Dali table - Courtesy of Ziinlife.

Ziinlife 2017 – Dali table – Courtesy of Ziinlife.

Think with heart and feel with brain”, this is the motto of Ziinlife. The Hong Kong based design brand produces functional and simple furniture designed to display “the hidden beauty from ordinary life”. The collections comprise a round bamboo table with a white-shaded side that can be smoothly bent to create the effect of furniture melting with into the wall, French macarons-inspired armchairs and a the Nifty sofa, soft volumes with friendly details.

X+Q Art

X+Q: The Grand Master - Courtesy og X+Q.

X+Q: The Grand Master – Courtesy og X+Q.

X+Q Art is a craft and design atelier founded by renown sculptor Qu Guangci and artist Xiang Jing. Qu has been exhibiting internationally and is famous for his Little Fatties ceramic series. Xiang’s artwork  reveals “a sense of insecurity through which the misty nature of modern human character”. On show, quirky characters like the The Grand Master (above).


YUSO goes animalier - courtesy of YUSO.

Courtesy of YUSO.

Shanghai-based design brand YUSO presented a cheeky collection of seatings inspired by rhinos, bunnies and sheep and developed by graduates from Tsinghua University. Read more…

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All images: courtesy of Design Shanghai and the designers/brands.

Timelees series by EY Design - courtesdy of EY Design.

Timelees series by EY Design – courtesdy of EY Design.

Ziinlife 2017 - Nifty sofa - Courtesy of Ziinlife.

Ziinlife 2017 – Nifty sofa – Courtesy of Ziinlife.

YUSO goes animalier - courtesy of YUSO.

Frank Chou 2017: Suit sofa - Photo by Frank Chou Design Studio.

Suit sofa.

"ARCHAEOLOGY OF A SUITCASE" @ Design Shanghai 2017 - Photo by @ing.media, IG.

“Design Archaeology of a Suitcase” exhibition by Jamy Yang – Photo by @ing.media, IG.