Chinese Year of the Rabbit. Rabbit-lamps by Stefano Giovannoni x Qeeboo.

Chinese Year of the Rabbit. Bunny-lamps by Stefano Giovannoni x Qeeboo.

Design – On January 21, 2023, we enter the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. Our beloved Antonella Galimberti selected 12 quirky designs inspired by the fluffiest pet of all. “When Archipanic’s founder Enrico Zilli commissioned me this post, I was super excited to scout for design projects related to this gentle and loving animal I a fond of.” Says our Antonella. Enjoy her fun selection!

Have a ‘Rabbit new Year’

2023 Calendar - Photo by Finnish Design Shop.

Photo by Finnish Design Shop.

Finnish Design Shop proposes a 50×70 cm black and white graphic design poster by Teemu Järvi celebrating the Era of the Rabbit. People born in this year are supposed to be calm, smart, and with good taste. Impossible not to love them!

The 515 Grammi project

515 grammi - Courtesy of Esther Burton.

515 grammi – Courtesy of Esther Burton.

A 100% sustainable design project run by women and celebrating the harmonious symbiosis between humans and rabbits. That is what 515 Grammi – 515 gr is the average weight of a pet bunny – is about. Sara Pallavicini, a.k.a. Esther Burton design agency from Milan, designs home barns and other bunny-ware accessories as well as rabbit-friendly services for humans co-habiting with long fluffy-eared companions.

Design’ hit bunny’

Rabbit Chair and table in Carrara marble by Stefano Giovannoni - Photo by Robot-City.

Photo by Robot-City.

Stefano Giovannoni designed the most fabulous rabbits in contemporary design for Qeeboo. You can sit down and lean your back against its ears or, on the opposite side, ride it and lean your arms on it. The design also comes in a smaller version for kids and as a lamp. The ‘hit bunny’ is available in multiple finishings and limited editions, including Rabbiot, the zoomorphic seat by Robot City crafted Carrara marble.

SANAA’s seat with rabbit-shaped ears

Nexrmaruni seat with rabbit-shaped ears by SANAA X Maruni - Photo by Yoneo Kawabe, courtesy of Maruni.

Photo by Yoneo Kawabe, courtesy of Maruni.

Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of Japanese studio SANAA designed for Maruni the Nexrmaruni fun chair in lacquered wood with rabbit-shaped ears. The seat comes in six different colours and is also available in a kid version.

Rabbit lamp by Front x Moooi

Rabbit Lamp by Front x Moooi - Photo by Moooi.

Photo by Moooi.

A 1:1 scale rabbit is the soul of a table lamp by Front for Dutch brand Moooi. The Swedish studio created a quirky animal-inspired collection, including horses and pigs. Contemporary art meets industrial design. The animal’s body is made of polyester with a supporting metal structure, while the shade comes in black textiles.

A tribute to all the Alices in Wonderland

'The Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit' poster by GUM Design - Image by by GUM Design

Image by GUM Design

The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland is the most famous bunny in literature. From here, GUM Design studio created a 70×120 poster for their little girl Alice. The animal gently bows to the Mad Hatter. Available here.

Wonderland inflatable pavilion by MAD Architects in Beijing

MAD Architects' WONDERLAND bunny shaped pavilion in Beiijng.

Courtesy of MAD Architects.

Inspired by Lewis Carrol’s Alice in WonderlandMAD Architects created a temporary inflatable installation with floppy bunny ears in Beijing’s historic neighborhoods. The pavilion worked as a playground by providing a lively public space where local kids could stop by after school to socialize and interact with one another. Read more…

Snuggly fairytales under the blanket

Photo by ©Paolo Belletti, courtesy of Lanificio Leo.

Photo by ©Paolo Belletti, courtesy of Lanificio Leo.

Italian designer Domenico Orefice illustrated and published Fables under the blankets, an exquisite fables book born in collaboration with Rubbettino Editore and independent design label Lanificio Leo from Calabria, in the South of Italy. The book begins with Esopo’s Tortoise and the Hare fable and comes with a 100% Merino wool blanket. Available in Italian and English.

Bunny peekaboos for breakfast

Bunny biscuit container by Marta Sansoni x IVV - Courtesy of IVV design.

Courtesy of IVV design.

Italian architect and designer Marta Sansoni created Bunny, a refined glass container for Italian company IVV. The tableware comes with a borosilicate glass lid with rabbit ears. Kids will love it every morning for breakfast.

Salt & Pepper mills quirky grinders

Salt & Pepper bunny grinders - Courtesy of MoMa Design Store in NYC.

Courtesy of MoMa Design Store in NYC.

Dress your salad by holding tight the long ears of the rabbit-shaped Bunny Salt & Pepper millsquirky grinders. They come in transparent plastic and are available at the NYC MoMA Design Store. Irresistibly funny for kids, fully ergonomic at picnics or dinner parties with design lovers.

Rabbit bookshelf

Apollo yellow bookshelf - Courtesy of Apollo.

Courtesy of Apollo.

Apollo’s design platform proposes the Rabbit Bookshelf, an intriguing bunny-shaped home library in lacquered wood. Available in red, yellow, dark green, black and white, it is ideal for keeping your book in order and fun for kids.

Bunny pillows to hug

'Animal' rabbit pillows by Sediarreda - Courtesy of Sediarreda.

Courtesy of SediArreda.

Animal is SediArreda 100% cotton pillow with a furry champagne rabbit printed on it. The fluffy mammal aims to trigger oxytocin, awaiting to be hugged. The collection is available in multiple shapes and invites you to compose your crew on your sofa.

Photo by ©Paolo Belletti, courtesy of Lanificio Leo.

Photo by ©Paolo Belletti, courtesy of Lanificio Leo.