The Manta Underwater Room - Photos by Jesper Anhede © Genberg Art UW Ltd .

The Manta Underwater Room – Photos by Jesper Anhede © Genberg Art UW Ltd .

Imagine yourself encapsulated within a turquoise blue bubble, watching shoals of reef fish swimming lazily by. The Manta Underwater Room floats in the Indian Ocean by island of Pemba in Zanzibar. This heart-stopping experience is the latest project by Genberg Underwater Hotel Company, a Swedish company with the mission of developing the concept and launching more underwater rooms around the world.



The Swedish engineered floating structure provides three levels. Those above the water are cladded in local hardwood. The landing deck, at sea level, has a lounge area and bathroom facility. A ladder leads up to the roof which has a lounging area where to worship sun of be mesmerized extraordinary clarity of the Milky Way and the murmuring of the sea.

Downstairs a soft double bed is surrounded by panes of glass affording almost 360 degrees view on shoals of reef fauna and curious fishes. By night, the underwater spotlights beneath each window around the room attract shyer and more unusual finned beings.

The Manta Underwater Room floats by the Blue Hole, an anomaly in the coral reef clearly visible from the terrace. Approximately 250 meters off shore, the Blue Hole falls to 12 meters deep at high tide and is roughly 50 meters wide in diameter. A circular hole inhabited by a number of large coral heads and abundant marine life. A perfectly protected spot for your floating underwater room.

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“It also has to be said that our guests love The Manta Resort for what it is. It is not a five star luxury resort, it is unpretentious and a genuine place where people are real. We have had some very well known people stay with us on Pemba which we keep to ourselves of course. What we do hope is that this kind of tourism will inspire all to make a positive contribution to Pemba Island. Guests that will feel fulfilled by being part of a real, genuine African island experience and communities that will feel fulfilled by sharing their culture and hearts”.Comment the Genberg Underwater Hotel Company team.

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Photo courtesy – copyright: Genberg Art UW Ltd and photography credits: Jesper Anhede –

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