In a world where devices have largely replaced books, it’s harder to get excited about a printed catalogue… Unless you play the tongue-in-cheek card. That’s how IKEA Singapore went viral on YouTube presenting next year publication Apple style!

Jorgen Eghammer, design guru at the The Swedish furniture giant, introduced IKEA 2015 catalogue spoofing Apple dreamy-eyes conferences in Cupertino, California: “It is not a digital book, it’s not an e-book… It’s a book-book”


No cables, eternal battery, no updates or lags… The book-book comes fully charged with high-resolution pictures that upload instantly even before the movement of a finger. And if you want to share it, you just hand it out… Phisically !! It’s a book, isn’it?.

2015 IKEA Catalogue_Bookbook (3)
2015 IKEA Catalogue_Bookbook (2)
2015 IKEA Catalogue_Bookbook (1)

Created by ad agency BBH Asia Pacific, the “book-book” was recently posted on IKEA Singapore’s YouTube account. The campaing makes us think (and smile) about the the properties and applications that a marketed product should feature wether it is digital or analogic.

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2015 IKEA Catalogue_Bookbook (2)   After Italian magazine Abitare went finally back on paper and the debut of Fiera magazine independent editorial design project, IKEA book-book seems to re-estabilish the appeal of on-paper publications in a world where blogs and webzines keep mapping design planet in real-time.

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2015 IKEA Catalogue_Bookbook (3) Photos: courtesy of IKEA 2015 IKEA Catalogue_Bookbook (1)