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Simple yet sophisticated, YOKO features a transparent piece, which rests on an illuminating body. The lamp reflects the perfect balance between simplicity and lightness resembling a bubble about to burst. The Norwegian design studio took inspiration by Northern lights with their poetic transcoloration that is underlined by the choice of different colors, which are light and barely tinged on.

YOKO was conceived and built thanks to lengthy and painstaking research of materials and form. Countless tests were carried out meticulously with an acute attention to the detail of the curvature of the lamp’s silhouette. The extremely sophisticated technology involved plays a fundamental role. It however remains concealed by the rarefied silhouette, and by the perfect balance between the two main pieces.

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The development of the original concept was skilfully changed to a sophisticated industrialization process; YOKO was made based on the blown moulding technique with an innovative material such as Polymethilmethacrylate. These modern materials and technologies have made it possible to create an object with immense appeal and with a strong personality.

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