Loong Swim Club by X+Living - Egg Shell Castle.
Loong Swim Club by X+Living. Egg Shell Castle – All photos by X+Living.

PlayfulLoong Swim Club by interior design studio X+Living was conceived as a swimming and sports education centre for kids ready to have fun with mom and dad. Located in in Suzhou, China, the project integrates entertainment and leisure: relaxing pastel-hued interiors are filled by a playful cartoonish graphic-design aiming to free kids’ fantasy while creating a relaxing atmosphere for their parents.

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Families are welcomed by a reception desk shaped like a ship and a big whale wrapping around a column, as if jumping out of the water. Behind, a small outlined arc leads to the shoe changing area.

Loong Swim Club by X+Living - Reception
Loong Swim Club Reception.

Here, lockers compose biscuit-looking panels. Optical furniture and lighting as well as millennial pink walls and arcs complete the interior design.

Loong Swim Club by X+Living - Shoes Changing Room.
Shoes Changing Room.

The marine narrative continues in the reading room where paint brushes-inspired ‘wavy’ couches turn into slides and nest book shelves to allow to sit and relax as well as to play.

Loong Swim Club by X+Living - Reading Room.
Reading Room.

The room leads to the restaurant and the parent-child swimming pool, the core functional area of the Loong Swim Club.

For the pool, the studio has used a gentle color sense – millennial pink and aquamarine – which does not distinguish color in gender intentionally. Narrow arches on a side and large arched doors create an intrusive and dreamy experience.

Loong Swim Club by X+Living - Swimming Pool.
Swimming Pool.

Giant water droplets lamps han from the the ceiling like condensation drops creating a dramatic magical tension. The studio avoided accent lighting to motivate younger guests to explore every corner of the space.

Along the pool area, a long corridor hosts resting niches from where parents can keep an eye on kids and interact with them. At the end of the corridor is the main functional bath for infant and adults.

Loong Swim Club by X+Living - Baby bath room.
Baby bath room.

The baby bath room features eye-catching huge flower chandeliers. When infants lie in the tubs, they face solid-colored lampshade hides with cartoonish patterns.

Loong Swim Club by X+Living - Restaurant and Party Room.
Restaurant and Party Room.

Going back to the reading area and on the right side is the dinning area of the Loong Swim Club. Here, several “fragmented” eggshells are orderly arranged in a vertical space. The gorgeous colors and fairy-tale shapes are reflected in the mirror, making people feel like they are in the wonderland.

Loong Swim Club by X+Living - Egg Shell Castle.
Egg Shell Castle.

The “eggshell castle” used as children’s entertainment facilitates has a unique entry point in the center of the restaurant, while the climb extends in all directions. The dining tables, which spread around the castle, allow the parents at the table to quickly locate their children playing in the climb.

All photos of Suzhou’s Loong Swim Club: courtesy of X+Living.

Loong Swim Club by X+Living - Restaurant and Party Room.
Restaurant and Party Room.