The ‘Flowing Threads’ installation by Areen explores interconnectedness

‘Flowing Threads’ installation by Areen - Photo courtesy of Dubai Design Week 2023.

“Just as the fabric consists of interconnected threads, humans are interconnected with the fabric of the universe, forming part of a cosmic tapestry.” Palestinian textile designer Areen told Archipanic. Through her ‘Flowing Threads’ installation in Dubai, she reflects on the layers of identity and the significance of transparency and adaptability in life. At the same time, “the world must not turn a blind eye to the ongoing extermination in Gaza, and we condemn those who choose silence,” explains designer.

Downtown Design 2023: ten female-empowered projects in Dubai

Ávila by Nella Figueroa - Photo courtesy of Downtown Design 2023.

At the Downtown Design 2023 fai in Dubai, we have been positively impressed by the strong presence of female designers, curators and creatives. Check some of the projects we liked the most.

Dubai Design Week 2023: ten must-visit exhibitions and installations

Shaking Sanctuary by nngg Studio - Courtesy of Dubai Design Week 2023.

Dubai Design Week 2023 is about interweaving… cultures, textiles, palm trees, technology and sustainability. Check what we liked the most.