Robot Love - Photo by Tommy Kohlbrugge.

Robot Love – Photo by Tommy Kohlbrugge.

Eindhoven 2018 – Until December 2, two loving robots hold hands outside a former milk factory hosting the Robot Love exhibition which features the work of more than 50 artists, designers and scientists asking if robot can love us… and if we can we love them back! Most probably, at Dutch Design Week 2030 robots will participate for themselves. In the meantime, check this 4 love and sex-related design projects.

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A Truly Magical Moment by Adam Basalta

'A Truly Magical Moment' by Adam Bisalta - Courtesy of Robot Love.

‘A Truly Magical Moment’ by Adam Bisalta – Courtesy of Robot Love.

Two lovers in the middle of the dance floor. They link arms and begin to spin. The room blurs as they stare deep into each other’s eyes. How many times have you seen this scene in movies? Adam Basalta created a romantic kinetic sculpture which recreates such moment for lovers cooing via FaceTime, Apple’s video call technology. Two facing iPhones are mounted on selfie-sticks anchored to a rotating base. As soon as the lovers are online, the sculpture starts to spin until the background blurs and warps, while the image of the dance-partner remains in focus.

A Kissing Data Symphony

Electroencephalograms – EEG – are often used to check brain activity. What if they could also map the intensity of a kiss? Karen Lancel & Hermen Maat created a ‘joint neuro feedback ritual’ for a new form of kissing. Two lovers are invited to kiss each wearing an EEG set which tracks their brain activity and translates it into a visual projection. An algorithm translates the data into a soundscape for an immersive and poetic experience, a KISSING DATA symphony.

Do you Like Cyber?’ by Emilio Vavarella

The voices that you hear in Emilio Vavarella’s audio installation come from Ashley Madison, a disgraced cheating website which created over 70.000 female bots to chat and tease male users. Vavarella selected the conversations of bots that, for one reason or another, behaved differently than they were programmed for. For instance, these bots started conversations with female visitors or with each other. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly autonomous, where will it head to?

VR-powered sex toy by Kiiroo

Robot Love - The Fleshlight Launch™ by Kiiroo.

Robot Love – The Fleshlight Launch™ by Kiiroo.

Kiiroo designs and develops luxurious sex toys for men and women which are fully interactive, teledildonic and allow for haptic sexual experiences. At Robot Love, the The Dutch company presents Fleshlight Launch™, a fully automated masturbator connecting you to the virtual world. “You can contact your partner(s), anywhere in the world, but you can also get access to interactive video or VR content”.