Alcova 2022 - Photo by Mattia Parodi.

Alcova 2022 – Photo by Mattia Parodi.

DesignAlcova 2022 returns to the spectacular urban park of the Centro Ospedaliero Militare di Milano in the outskirt of Milan [Via Simone Saint Bon 1, MM1 Inganni, Map] hosting inspiring indoor and outdoor exhibitions across an area of over 20 hectares, the largest so far. Developed by Joseph Grima, founder of Space Caviar, and Valentina Ciuffi, founder of Studio Vedèt, the event is definitively one of the most inspiring destinations of Milan Design Week.

Unexpected, sustainable and innovative stone surfaces

Alcova 2022. SolidNature - Photo by Marco Cappelletti, courtesy of OMA and SolidNature.

Courtesy of OMA and SolidNature.

Dutch material brand SolidNature debuts in Milan with the Monumental Wonders exhibition in a former military laundry. On show sustainable surfaces by Rem Koolhaas-founded OMA and Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis made from leftover off-cuts and stone dust. A vibrant and back-lit onyx portal welcomes visitors. Examples of SolidNature material applied to tables, cupboards and even beds are on show. The brand also unveils its innovative production application of the materials.

Air as a design material

Alcova 2022. MUTHESIUS ACADEMY KIEL - Photo by Mattia Parodi.

Photo by Mattia Parodi.

At the Laundry, the Air Supply exhibition features the work of industrial design students from Muthesius University in Kiel, Germany. They have created ten inflatable products, including a transparent suitcase and a blow-up seat. “The idea was to make different kinds of structures using the CNC welding machine and look at the idea of: what can I build and how stable will it be.”

‘Perfectly imperfect’ textiles

Alcova 2022. House of Lirya - Photo by Archipanic.

Photo by Archipanic.

Based in the Tuscan city of Prato, the heart of Italy’s textile industry, ‘auteur of textile’ House of Lirya expands to the world of interiors. It presents its ultimate collections with a multi-sensorial exhibition curated by cinematic scenographer Alessia Anfuso in the raw attic of a former military hospital [E-Space]. Discover pillows and blankets ranging from rustic simplicity to the complex refinement of faded opulence.

Elastic, vain and winking lights

Alcova 2022. SERVOMUTO - Photo by Mattia Parodi.

Photo by Mattia Parodi.

In a former nunnery, Milan-based Servomuto presents Venus, a vibrant lighting design collection by Italian designer Serena Confalonieri. Inspired by the sinuosity of the woman’s body, the suspended lamps are dressed in Lycra textiles. “We played with the the stretching properties of the material, irony and light to create a space where the designed are mirrored in all their vanity and winking attitude.” [E-Space].

Magmatic Parallelisms

David Pompa @ Alcova 2022 - Courtesy of David Pompa.

Courtesy of David Pompa.

Mexico City-based studio David Pompa presents a new lighting design collection literally and aesthetically balancing suspended volcanic rocks and metal parts. “In Mexico, lava stone is charged with culture, traditions and contexts. We designed a collection that is both contemporary and deeply rooted in our culture’s poetics.” David Pompa told Archipanic. [E-Space]. Read more.

Curvaceous and sassy design

Alcova 2022.BOHINC STUDIO - Photo by Mattia Parodi.

Photo by Mattia Parodi.

In a former nunnery, London-based designer Laura Bohinc of Bohinc Studio presents the Peach design collection inspired by the woman’s body as well. Each piece represents huggable feminine figures, expressed with voluptuous smith curves, shapely surfaces and fleshy folds that are reminiscent of bosoms and bottoms—[E-Space].

The shape of light

Alcova 2022. Ryuichi Kozeki Design Studio - Photo by Archipanic.

Photo by Archipanic.

If a river can carve mountains and create a canyon, why light can’t shape lamps? Japanese designer Ryuichi Kozeki loves designing lamps but hates designing lampshades. From here, he designed cylindric volumes carved out by a cone of light. “By creating a shape only by the idea of superimposing geometrical forms, the aim of the design becomes apparent. And the impressive shape of light arises.” The designs are on display in the nunnery building.

Challenging Nature as a light conductor

Alcova 2022. Photo via IG by @maximilianmarchesani.

Photo via IG by @maximilianmarchesani.

Maximilian Marchesani presents ‘unproduced’ lighting designs questioning environments and systems controlled by artifice. On show are suspended tree branches with LED blossoms and an ethereal and furry light sticks wrapped by silk, a natural electricity conductor. “Technology is digested by natural matter – be it wood or silk – to become its skin and skeleton.” Said Marchesani to Archipanic. [Nunnery building].

Alcova 2022. Unproduced by Maximilian Marchesani - Courtesy of Massimiliano Marchesani.

Courtesy of Maximilian Marchesani.

Photos: courtesy of Alcova and the designers.