Global Grad Show 2018. Photo via Instagram - Follow @desgininnovationcentre.

Global Grad Show 2018. Photo via Instagram – Follow @desgininnovationcentre.

Dubai 2018 – The Global Grad Show 2018 at Dubai Design Week showcases the creative work of some of most brilliant designers from 100 of world’s top universities and emerging programmes.

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Photo via Instagram - Follow @Paolostylops.

Photo via Instagram – Follow @Paolostylops.

Global Grad Show 2018 is an inspiring and optimistic look at what is in store for the next generation. This year edition showcases 150 of the inventions shaping our tomorrow. You can expect to see solutions ranging from the physical to the virtual, high-tech and complex to small and conceptually simple.

We selected 7 innovations saving using responsibly the most important source of life: water.

TWENTY: dehydrated cleaning products reducing water waste

By Mirjam de Bruijjn @ Design Academy Eindhoven – Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Global Grad Show 2018. TWENTY by Mirjam de Brujjjn.

Most of the cleaning products we use every day are composed of at least 80% water. This means that four-fifths of the trucks, ships and planes transporting these products are effectively transporting water. TWENTY household cleaning products come in capsules asking to be diluted in a bottle and then shaked. Within seconds, they can produce a cleaning liquid of the same quality and consistency as the average store-bought variety, without the need for fuel intensive, carbon emitting shipping. [Watch the video]

reefRover autonomous submersible drone: mapping the coral reef

By Daniel Carrelli and his team @ NYU Abudhabi – United Arab Emirates.

Global Grad Show 2018. reefRover by NYU Abu Dhabi students.

reefRover self-driving drone-boat empowers researchers and non-expert explorers to collaboratively gather high quality image data about coral reefs and other underwater environments. Once deployed from a dive boat it navigates a grid pattern taking continues stream of pictures that can be later being stitched together to create comprehensive local maps of the coral reefs. A single reefRover can cover up to 1,400 square meters per outing, compared to only 100 square meters using manual methods.

NOAA POR: cleaning seawater as well ad recovering spilt oil for reuse

By Julianna Probst @ University of Cincinnati, DAAP – Cincinnati, US.

Global Grad Show 2018. reefRover by NYU Abu Dhabi students.

NOAA POR is able to responsibly and effectively purify ocean water afflicted by oil spills while preserving the integrity of the collected oil for reuse. Employing the emerging technologies of magnetically charged iron-oxide nanoparticles and smart filters the design separates the water and oil protecting affected ecosystems rather than simply removing oil without regard to the environment.

AQUAIR: Creating drinking water by harvesting fog

By Wei-Yee One, Hsin-JJu Lin, Shih-Min Chang @ National Cheng Kung University – Tainan, Taiwan.

Global Grad Show 2018. AQUAIR by National Cheng Kung University students.

Designed for use in remote mountainous areas in tropical latitudes, AQUAIR is a collapsable structure which collects water with a waterproof fabric stretched across a bamboo structure. Designed by and Marco Villela, the prototype was conceived in response to Honduras water crisis. The project can be easily assembled with the addition of locally sourced materials.

Stalactite tap water filter and remineralizer

By Roberto Ayala anf Mateo Alcázar @ IED, Istituto Europeo di Design – Milan, Italy.

Global Grad Show 2018. Stalactite by Roberto Ayala and Mateo Alcazar.

Composed of thirteen parts that can be assembled without the use of screws or tools of any kind, Stalactite provides an inexpensive and sustainable source of drinking water, with the ultimate goal of reducing the consumption of bottled water. The device is intended to have a ten-year lifespan, which each of its thirteen components replaceable as needed.

NAJI: turning street lights into floatation devices during a flood

By Farshad Saffari Ghandehari @ Art University Isfahan – Tehran, Iran.

Global Grad Show 2018. NAJI by Farshad Saffari Ghandehari.

NAJI is a floating device made from ethylene vinyl acetate, a resilient, strong and boyant material be plugged into existing infrastructure such as streetlights. During times of severe flooding, people can sit inside one of its four arms as they await rescue. For those unable to sit, Naji is equipped with belts that will keep their bodies stable and heads above water.

INNSAEI scuba diving mask: connecting and saving people’s lives underwater

By Juliette Laroche @ University of Houston – Houston, US.
Global Grad Show 2018. INNSAEI by JJuliette Laroche - Photo via IG follow @globalgradshow.

Global Grad Show 2018. Photo via IG follow @globalgradshow.

Scuba divers can get lost, distracted and can face life-threatening situations. The INNSAEI mask flashes blue when two divers separate beyond a recommended safety range. With the push of a button, you can grab you diving partner’s attention. In cases of emergency, call for help by triggering your mask to flash red.