Fluid Forces exhibition by ELLE DECORATION at Dutch Design Week 2019 - Photo by Britt Roelse.
‘Fluid Forces’ exhibition by ELLE DECORATION at Dutch Design Week 2019 – Photo by Britt Roelse.

Eindhoven 2019Dutch Design Week 2019 takes over more than 120 venues across the city of Eindhoven to explore the design of the future and the future of design. If not now, then when? is this year inquisitive theme focusing on our times’ most pressing issues such as Climate Change and a more equal and inclusive society as well as responsible technology. Exceptional attention goes to work and development of young talent. We picked 10 exhibitions and installations on show.

Studio Drift x DOMUSDELA

DOMUSDELA / Kanaalstraat 4 5611 CT.

FLYLIGHT by Studio Drift - Courtesy of Dutch Design Week 2019
Courtesy of Dutch Design Week 2019.

DDW19 Ambassadors Studio Drift has created Flylight, an interactive light installation that is inspired by the behaviour of flocks of birds and the patterns they make in the air. The piece is on show at DOMUSDELA, a former church that has been repurposed as a hotel and cultural centre. On show also Meadow, an upside-down landscape that is a kinetic sculpture consisting of mechanical flowers that open and close in a poetic choreography.

Bio Based Camp by

Ketelhuisplein / Ketelhuisplein, 5617 AE.

Bio Base Camp – Photo by ©Oscar Vinck.

Marco Vermeulen has created the Bio base camp, a pavilion and architectural expression of how “building with trees” can contribute to the reduction of CO2 and the reduction of nitrogen by replacing conventional building materials such as concrete with biobased materials. The deck is composed of large modular floorboards made of cross laminated timber. After the Dutch Design Week, these can then be reused. 

Growing Pavilion 

Ketelhuisplein / Ketelhuisplein, 5617 AE.

The Growing Pavilion - Photo by Oscar Vinck
Photo by Oscar Vinck.

Pascal Lebouque has created the Growing Pavilion, the central meeting point at the Ketelhuisplein. The structure consists entirely of biobased materials sourced as locally as possible. One example? The outside walls of the pavilion are grown allowing a mycelium to mature longer so that an organic texture and color is created. The landmark is part of the Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building.

Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek / Halvemaanstraat 30, 5651 BP.

Like every year, Piet Hein Eek opens his showroom to reveal its ultimate creations as well as emerging designers’ exhibitions. The designer has also teamed up with starred chef Sergio Herman for his diner’s menu. Have a meal amongst art pieces and designs made from waste materials and discarded components from the the designer’s atelier.

The Circle – Dutch Invertuals 

NS Loods / Studio Edhv / Fuutlaan 12b, 5613 AB.

The Circle by Dutch Invertuals - Photo by ©Boudewijn Bollmann.
Photo by ©Boudewijn Bollmann.

To mark its 10th anniversary, Dutch Invertuals brings together a selection of its emerging and established designers who set off on a journey to redesign one of the most iconic shapes in the universe: the circle. “The circle is the ultimate symbol of unity, perfection and infinity. By envisaging and challenging its shape, our designers gave insights into their unrestricted approach. Discover our personal take on something that is already perfect.” Says Wendy Plomp, founder of Dutch Invertuals.


TQ 5 | Floor 4 / Achtseweg Zuid 151.

STILLLEVEN by Rocco Verdult - Photo by ©Britt Roelse
Photo by ©Britt Roelse.

Lives were changed drastically and forever during World War II. Rocco Verdult, artistic director of the Brabant Remembers project has created 75 scale models recounting unusual and inspiring, personal stories about mobilisation, occupation, collaboration and liberation. All stories feature a life-changing choice as a central theme. The collection comprises mainly white tableaus where only the main characters have any colour. It’s up to the viewer to decide; “What can I see? What happens next? What does that evoke in me?


TQ 4 | Courtyard / Achtseweg Zuid 153.

ELLE DECORATION has teamed up with surface design company Tarkett to present Fluid Forces, an immersive exhibition taking clues from upcoming trends and highlighting the latest in the field of design. Three distinct sections represent three themes ‘ConcentrateCocreateCelebrate‘, which together convey the central motif of the ELLE Decoration at work experience.

Design Academy Eindhoven Grad Show

Campina Milk Factory / Kanaaldijk-Zuid, 5613 LE.

Design Academy Eindhoven 2019 - Photo by Max Kneefel.
Photo by Max Kneefel.

The Campina iconic factory setting becomes the background for the works of the Design Academy Eindhoven’s new graduates. Camila Kennedy, MA in Information Design, won the Gijs Bakker Award with her project The Best Descriptor is Fuzziness’ which invites visitors to touch, walk through and breathe quantum gravity with a water vapor fog installation.

Formidable Lighting

Station / Design Perron – Fuutlaan 12, 5613 AB.

Formidable Lighting by Esseline Keeven @ Design Perron, DDW2019 - Photo by ©Nick Bookelaar
Photo by ©Nick Bookelaar.

Inspired by the living patterns you can discover with a microscope, biomimicry designer Esseline Keeven has created a new collection of lamps made from recycled plastic printed on textile by a robot arm. Hot plastic attaches itself to the textile during the process causing a tension that leads to beautiful organic forms.

Isola Design District

Pennings Foundation / Geldropseweg 63, 5611 SE.

Photo by ©Oscar Vinck.

Isola Design District, the youngest creative neighourhood of Milan Design Week, travels to Eindhoven to showcase its first Dutch Edition curated by Blank creative agency. on show 35 hand-picked designers focusing on innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship and new materials.

Die Straatmaker by Atelier NL

Wall Street / Stadhuisplein 6, 5611 EM.

StraatMakers by Atelier NL - Photo by ©Ralph Roelse
Photo by ©Ralph Roelse.

Atelier NL has invited Eindhoven resident to collect soil from their favourite places across the city. The Straat Makers exhibition features a collaborative archive unveil and colour palette of the city rooted in te idea of local identity.

Stilled Life by Rive Roshan

Sectie-C / Daalakkersweg 10, 5641 JA.

Stilled life by Rive Roshan - Courtesy of Dutch Design Week 2019.
Courtesy of Dutch Design Week 2019.

Experimental design studio Rive Roshan has created a poetic Zen-like garden installation capturing the beauty of a fleeting moment for all senses to absorb. The ethereal landscape of spatial installations and objects features the studio’s ultimate collaboration with Moooi Carpets, 3D printed sand objects and new collectible glass pieces.

Rethinking Plastic

Yksi Expo / Torenallee 22-04, 5617 BD.

Pola Salicka @ Rethinking Plastic exhibition at DDW - Courtesy of Dutch Design Week 2019
Pola Salicka @ Rethinking Plastic exhibition at DDW – Courtesy of Dutch Design Week 2019.

Egg cups made of old waste egg shells to razors made of lemon peel and bio-resins and plates made out of corn. 25 projects and products by designers around the world are on show at the Rethinking Plastic, design with a mission exhibition which focuses on alternatives to plastic and showcase the latest developments in bioplastics… To ultimately leave a cleaner planet for future generations.

Station of being

Warehouse of Innovation / Rechtestraat 6-8, 5611 GP.

Rombout Frieling, Universum North bus station, Umea, Sweden © Samuel Pettersson
Photo: © Samuel Pettersson.

In Umeå, Sweden, temperature can drop to -40 °C in Winter. Tough conditions for those waiting at a bus station! Rombout Frieling lab brings to Eindhoven the out-of-the box bus station design composed of cocooning hanging pods freeing travelers from having to be on the lookout. On show a movie and models of the project.


Klokgebouw, Hall 4 / Klokgebouw 50, 5617 AB.

The Coral by Hyunseok An at ANTENNA - Courtesy of Dutch Design Week 2019
The Coral by Hyunseok An at ANTENNA – Courtesy of Dutch Design Week 2019.

Dutch Design Foundation and Design Indaba have selected 20 international design graduates from the 5 continents to showcase their work at Antenna, the platform for international design talent who aim to generate a positive impact in the world. Rhode Island School of Design student Hyunseok An has created The Coral, an indoor micro-algae farm which absorbs CO2 and produces oxygen. The sumo diaper is a reusable cloth diaper designed by ECAL university student, Luisa Kahlfeldt, which is a sustainable diaper created from 100 per cent SeaCell alternative for babies.