The Henning Larsen Foundation is launching an international competition with the aim of revitalise the use of architecture on film and foster new inspiration to architects and film professionals.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs  by Henning Larsen Architects - 1984, Saudi- Arabia Photo by Richard Bryant.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Henning Larsen Architects – 1984, Saudi- Arabia Photo by Richard Bryant.

The task is to create a film sequence of 1-5 minutes which animates architecture by embracing time as the primary dimension. The competition entries will be evaluated on their artistic quality and ability to inspire a new approach to architecture and the film media. Competition entries can be uploaded from 1st of February 2015 to the 12th March. The winner will be announcedon the 20th of August.

 For further information: Communications Manager Farid Fellah +45 8231 3160. Click HERE for more detailed GUIDELINES

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Architecture is closely related to other art forms – not only to photography, drawing and language, but also to film and music. Architecture speaks to all senses, and it changes expression over time. Architecture is an abstract art form which does not take real shape until occupied and activated by movements through the space” say at Henning Larsen Foundation.

RELATED STORY: Architect and pilot Nicola Gisonda transformed an aircrafts ex factory in Milan into a multitasking venue for events keeping intact the architectural value and historical heritage of the location founded by an aviation pioneer that inspired the protagonist of Hayao Myazaki latest animation movie.

Officine del volo 01
Officine del volo 06
The Wind Rises 02
Officine del volo 05
Officine del volo 02
The Wind Rises 01

The Henning Larsen Foundation was established in 2001 with Henning Larsen’s private funds and has since then awarded grants each year on the founder’s birthday, 20 August. The Foundation has previously launched three similar competitions about photographing, drawing and writing about architecture.

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The evaluation committee of the Architecture on Film competition consists of architect Troels Troelsen, film instructor and author Christian Braad Thomsen, Master of Arts Bente Scavenius, architect Peter Møller Rasmussen, architect, production designer Jette Lehmann, and Principal Vinca Wiedemann (Alternate).

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00 H+Z_14_AnnaMallai (Madurai)
11 H+Z_14_Sree Rama Movies)
04 H+Z_14_Shanti (Hyderabad)
12 H+Z_14_SreeBala (Trivandrum)
05 H+Z_14_Tharangam (Karunagappally)
10 H+Z_14_Saravanna (Chennai)-inside
03 H+Z_14_Nataraj (Chennai)
14 H+Z_14_Nataraj (Chennai)-inside
06 H+Z_14_Jairam (Salem)