7 indie design shows at Fuorisalone 2017 - Tubular Group chairs by Ara Levon Thorose @ SENSE ME exhibition.

7 indie design shows at Fuorisalone 2017 – Tubular Group chairs by Ara Levon Thorose @ SENSE ME exhibition.

Milan 2017 – Big shows, grand anniversaries and great names. But Milan Design Week is also about lateral-thinking and quirkiness. If you don’t fancy block buster exhibitions, we picked 7 indie design shows at Fuorisalone 2017. Get ready for alternative or off-the-design-track exhibitions!

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Post-Human – When technology embeds society

Via Privata Giovanni Ventura 15 MM2 Lambrate. 4, 7 & 8 April 10am-8pm, 5 April 10am-22.pm, 6 April 10am-13pm.

Tired of unresponsive furniture? Service design company Logotel presents an exhibition designed as an invitation to reflect on the relationship between man and technology. Two wall-climbing robots by Maria Yablonina interact together to build a suspended refuge, inspired by the way spiders spin their webs. “Technology is a prothesis that envelopes us. Will robots steal our jobs? We need to develop a thought-through idea, a critical approach to technology. At Post-Human we will be showcasing an elaborate research on the subject” say at Logotech.

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#TVclerici by Design Academy Eindhoven

Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, MM2 Sant’Ambrogio/MM1 Cairoli. 5-9 April 10.30am-8pm.
"Playing with weapon" by Hannah Van Luttervelt - Photo © Design Academy Eindhoven / Pleun van Dijk.

“Playing with weapon” by Hannah Van Luttervelt –
Photo © Design Academy Eindhoven / Pleun van Dijk.

Don’t follow the hype… Plunge into it! Karaoke, social media, body manipulation and identity development. Design Academy Eindhoven students and alumni will present a mashed-up media and design studio at Palazzo Litta. Visitors are invited to explore the set and backstage through a series of digital, analogue and augmented realities. In an editing suite, students will be gaming in a Second Life environment scanning people and designs for virtual objects for sale in the Second Life market place. At 2pm each day #TVClerici hosts Design Date telly format. Special guests like Jurgen Bey, Ilse Crawford, Marcus Fairs, and Job Smeets will blind interview students for fictitious jobs in their respective studios. Is a TV win more about charm and seduction, or skill and content?

Sense Me

Via Sbodio 32 – M2 Lambrate. 4-8 April 10:30an-1am; 9 April 8.30-0am.
Composite Bodies: Workshop by RC6 Bartlett.

Composite Bodies: Workshop by RC6 Bartlett.

Analogue is out, tease your virtual reality sex drive! The Sense Me exhibition aims to fill the gap between sensual devotion and #designporn. Discover new generation of design influenced by Shamanism, Eroticism and Technology. The exhibition hosts a range of contemporary emerging talents and a program of events, performances and workshops. “Are you ready for design that touches you? Discover sensual/sexual, avant-garde representing the Y-Generation”. On show also A conversation about Sex, a 360 VR film by Dennison Bertram which explores the concepts of Sex and Sexual identity in society through an intimate conversation in the virtual space.


Atelier Biagetti, Piazza Arcole 4 – MM2 Porta Genova.3-9 April 2017 – 10am-7pm.

Who really makes the world spinning? Wondered at Atelier Biagetti, a Milan-based design studio exploring our contemporary obsessions. With the Body Building collection they reflected on the cult of body while last year Sex-rehab clinic installation focused on people’s sexual OCDs. Their new desecrating design provocation continues with the GOD installation. Nothing holy, really. “God has become money, and money is the ultimate obsession of our society” say Laura Baldassari e Alberto Biagetti.

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Capitalism is over! A farewell party…

Cascina Cuccagna – Via Cuccagna, 2/4. 1-9 April 2017 – 11am-8pm. 
Capitalism is over! A farewell party - Photo Louis De Belle @Love, Milano

Capitalism is over! A farewell party – Photo Louis De Belle @Love, Milano

Capitalism is over! Cascina Cuccagna is a farm in the heart of Milan that survived urbanization retransforming itself into a creative and social hub for creativity with a focus on sustainabilty. Quite the perfect set for an exhibition celebrating the end of capitalism, design-wise! Capitalism is Over is both a parody a paradox and a farewell party exploring the opportunities and weakness of industrial design in time of crisis. On show alternative models that aim to break the designer—> company —> consumer process.

Isola Design District

MM5 Isola. 4-9 April.


Quartiere Isola is the brand new design district in town! Start from Milano Design Market by photo studio Gianni Rizzotti that hosts 30 international designers and makers. Here Patrick Palcic will offer to visitors an innovative fragrance experience. Get a beerat Frida bar and explore the Obstacles & Solutions exhibition that explores the hard tasks of designers from an idea on paper to the shelf. And follow the street-signs to discover green installations by students of Politecnico di Milano – Scuola di design and enter local atelier and design studios.


Piazza del Cannone/Parco Sempione MM2 Cadorna, Lanza. 4-9 Aprile, 9am-1am.


If you wish to relax under the trees without exiting the design vibe, head to Parco Sempione by Castello Sforzesco. Here mobile living units exploring cutting-edge urban sustainability and renewable energies welcome visitors in a relaxing setting hosting also gigs, dj-set and a food court.