6 brilliant lighting designs shining at 2017 NYCxDESIGN. Ladies & Gentlemen @ OVER/UNDER - Photo by Brook Holme.

NYCxDESIGN, 6 lightings designs shining in New York. Ladies & Gentlemen @ OVER/UNDER – Photo by Brook Holme.

New York 2017 – A city that never sleeps requires brilliant lighting design. That’s why we picked 6 lightings shining in New York. Ladies & Gentlemen played with balance, Nanoleaf smart LEDS tune with music and Apparatus brings back Vienna Art Deco mood. Articolo modernist-style lamps, Rich Brilliant Willing and Rol & Hill launched their latest collections.

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Balanced reflections by Ladies & Gentlemen

Ladies & Gentlemen - Photo by Brook Holme.

Photo by Ladies & Gentlemen.

At the Over/Under exhibition Ladies & Gentlemen launched the perfectly balanced FLOAT collection of minimal pendant lightings and floor lamps. The designs are composed of blackened brass frames and super thin aluminium disks which work as reflectors for the LEDs. “The FLOAT series captures a moment of suspension in space.” Explain the designers at their first interior design project. “All forms exist to support and serve the other to direct a soft flow and shadows.” The collection debuted at the Over/Under pastel-coloured exhibition featuring furniture by Australian design brand SP01 and curated by Modern Principle.

Smart aurora borealis tune with music

Aurora by Nanoleaf – Courtesy of Nanoleaf.
Aurora by Nanoleaf – Courtesy of Nanoleaf.
Aurora by Nanoleaf – Courtesy of Nanoleaf.

At ICFF, Toronto-based lighting design company Nanoleaf upgraded their custom modular smart LED lights to sync with music. The Nanoleaf Aurora is a fixtureless, customizable, integrative light bringing the iredescent shades of Northern lights in contemporary homes with just a tap or a voice command to your mobile phone. The Aurora Rhythm app allows to light up a room and mirror the melody in a rainbow of colors.

Viennese art deco-inspired lighting collective by Apparatus

LANTERN by Apparatus - Photo by Apparatus.

Photo by Apparatus.

Early 20th-century Viennese art movement Wiener Werstätte inspired Apparatus brand new collection featuring bell-jar-shaped lamp shades made from ribbed porcelain. The slip-cast porcelain forms of the new designs float along a rigid brass structure. Their glow is punctuated by finely incised fluting connecting to the most essential element of historic lanterns. The 2017 series shone at Collective Design Fair just after Milan Design Week debut.

Hollywood glamour… From Australia

Articolo Lighting Float Wall Sconce Abyss Brass.

Photo by Articolo lighting.

Classic and contemporary shake hands in the Float design by Australian brand ARTICOLO lighting. Elongated proportions, striking coloured glass and a sweeping brass stem reflect a sense of luxurious refinement, while its simplicity of form adds a modern touch to the design.

Modernist-style chandelier by Rich Brilliant Willing

Photo by Rich Brilliant Willing.

Photo by Rich Brilliant Willing.

Inspired by organic forms, Rich Brilliant Willing teamed with Meyer Davis Studio to create an adaptable lighting design to fit in different spaces, particularly in hospitality. The Pilot chandelier features a rounded, shell-like shade available in a range of colors, lengths, and finishes. The compositions of these branches are a sculptural exercise; options range from a linear beam suited to the long dining table, or an elaborate starburst ideal for a grand foyer.

Row & Hill 2017 collection

Row & Hill - Photo by @jeromeaumont, IG.

Photo by @jeromeaumont, IG.

The Brooklyn lighting brand Roll & Hill showcased a new collection featuring work by Ladies & Gentlemen Vera & Kyte and Visibility. The Half & Half pendant lamps by Washington DC-based Jonah Takagi and Hallgeir Homstvedt from Norway feature conical metal tops and glass bottoms.